Age cosmetics have always been the subject ofinterest of women of Balzac's age. This is natural, after all, after the period of adolescence and early youth, there are symptoms of skin aging, hair dulls, some correction is needed in caring for the body and face. To help the clients of beauty salons came professional Israeli cosmetics Cheaperi (DeSheli).

Innovative solutions resulting fromresearch works of scientists-biotechnologists of production and laboratory sites of Israel have become revolutionary in the world of professional cosmetics. See the link for more details. Formulas of substances that turn aging skin intorenewed and rejuvenated, began to be used by the company Cheaperi on exclusive terms. The company's products are international quality standards that meet the requirements of European countries.

The main discovery in obtaining a high effectThe company's cosmetics became a comprehensive use of a series of products for the care of hair, face and body. It is the systemic application of cosmetic products that logically complement and develop the effect in reducing and smoothing wrinkles, loss of skin tone, unevenness of the body, reducing hair loss, brittleness and cross-section of tips. And as a consequence - the slowing down of the aging process.

Brand cosmetics are several sets andapparatus. The most popular of them is a set of tools aimed at changing the aging process. It is recommended by a lady after 30 and is designed for skin with special needs due to age. The kit has all the necessary tools containing an innovative formula to turn mature skin into a young and impeccable

A set of "Black suitcase" is purchased by women frommature skin. It included collagen cream, helping to smooth out wrinkles and correct other age-related changes. Also, it will help get rid of unpleasant age changes under the eyes, turn the skin into a tender and velvety.

The following cosmetic sets of facial care contain a unique microchamber made of precious stone, as well as new extracts, extracts of exclusive plants and herbs.

Hair care kits contain the means, suchas shampoo, conditioner, mask, protective spray and spray after styling, effective serum for problem hair. The kits have 2 massagers and a special agent that promotes the acceleration of hair growth.

A set of body and figure care is a massagedevice and all the necessary innovative products that help to lose weight, increase skin elasticity and eliminate stretch marks and other shortcomings of the skin of the body.

The photon-ultrasonic device by means of active liposome gel and light waves, effectively affects the skin, eliminating all its disadvantages.

Today the brand is known on the territory of manyEuropean countries, he received recognition in the territory of Russia. Success was not accidental, because thanks to the cosmetics, millions of women bought the beauty and harmony of life thanks to the restoration of the natural properties of the skin.