The art of tattooing has existed for many centuries. The first tattoo was found on the Princess Ukoka in the 5th century BC. In the novels of many famous writers of different countries, such as Beaumarchais, V. Hugo, people with "signs" and "symbols" on the body are described. The term "tattoo" was brought to Europe by J. Cook after a trip to Tahiti. For the first time, he mentioned the native drawings of the Rus in 920 in the stories of the Arab traveler Ibn Fadlan.

Then many centuries our ancestors did not havetraditions of doing tattoos. Then the sailors began to make tattoos on ships in the early 20th century. Further, the tradition of criminals took up. Of course, there was no talk of any art here. Just wanted to stand out, denoted their hierarchy and belonging to the criminal world.

And only in recent years and in our country has cometradition to simply decorate your body with drawings, Russian tattoo masters are famous all over the world, are considered one of the best, especially the master of Peter and Moscow. There are many styles. Tattoo festivals are held. In tattoo parlors, a good master can have a turn for several months ahead. People from Europe come to them to leave an unforgettable picture on their body. The tattoo "Medusa Gorgona" is very popular.

The Legend of the Deadly Look

The younger daughter of the sea elder Medusa was one of thethree sisters. She had very beautiful hair. Sea god Poseidon was keen to get her, and the girl disappeared in the temple of Athena, not wanting to see him. The insidious Poseidon turned into a bird, flew into the temple and possessed it. The goddess Athena was angry with such insidiousness in her temple and instead of punishing God, she turned an unhappy girl into a monster. Instead of her wonderful hair, there were evil hydras, and looking at her, people turned into stone.

Gorgon jellyfish tattoo

Over time, the girl's heart is so out of thishorror hardened that she deliberately started killing people. Only Perseus, with the advice of Athena, was able to overcome the monster by cutting off her head with a sword. He only looked at the reflection of the Gorgon in the shield.

Significance of tattoos for men

Men choose the tattoo "Medusa"Gorgons "because of its harshness and strong energy, often the guys choose it in the form of a severed head, symbolizing their invincibility and fearlessness." The guile of women does not affect the tattoo "Medusa of the Gorgon." He considers himself immune from the feminine magical gaze.

jellyfish gorgon tattoo value

If she is portrayed in full growth, with allbends of the body, it is of great treachery. The guy wants to show that outwardly he can be one, soft and balanced, but in his heart there is a riot. The furious look of the Gorgon is chosen by the guys who want to show their fearlessness and fortitude. It is better not to approach such a thing, a retaliatory strike will not keep you waiting.

The meaning of the tattoo "Medusa Gorgona" in women

A woman who chose such a tattoo wantsshow their willfulness, magical sexuality. Externally, a beautiful woman, but try to hurt me. Revenge will be unpredictable. Also tattoo "Medusa Gorgona" is chosen by independent and proud girls, wishing to show that they are not recommended "to play cat and mouse." They can stand up for themselves. Sometimes women choose this image to emphasize their mystery. Rarely, but there are cases when a deceived woman takes such an image to protect herself from encroachments of the unworthy. Tatu gives her strength and self-confidence, shows others that it is better not to offend her, that she will not bear resentment, and no one will be hurt by her.

Preparing for tattooing

Before applying the image on the body,the master necessarily performs the sketch. In the salons there are albums with samples, and the client of them chooses a suitable tattoo. More often people in front of the salon are considering tattoos on the Internet. Selecting, for example, the tattoo "Gorgon Medusa", the photo is shown in the salon to the master. Usually, tattoo artists work only in their own style. If the master of the work style - neotradition, then he will not want to make a tattoo in realism or artificially. Especially if it's a good master.

jellyfish tattoo photo

Usually a professional tattoo artist isA good artist and draws sketches on his own. In order for the master to make an individual sketch, you need to come to him in advance and make an application. In the course of creating a picture, a tattoo artist can offer to supplement a story with different elements. If you like the idea, he will draw. However, super-twisted masters like to do tattoos only in their vision, so that his work is recognizable by handwriting. So the client only has to obey and proudly be the bearer of the masterpiece of the famous tattoo master.

Types and location on the body

The dimensions of the tattoo are chosen at will and placelocation. If the tattoo is on the arm or leg, then, of course, it will be small or medium-sized picture. If you decide to fill it on the back or chest, then the size can be taken large. There are colored and black sketches.

value of tattoo jellyfish gorgon in women

The value of the tattoo "Gorgon Medusa" demonstrates strengthand courage, she can be with an evil, terrible face, with fangs and furious mouths. The cut off head is depicted with closed eyes, blood drains from the neck. Sometimes the image is complemented by roses, especially if it's an old school. Also the arrangement of snakes on different sketches is different from each other. On the face sometimes draw a mask.

Choosing a tattoo for yourself, you need good and thoroughthink about what exactly you have to wear on your body for the rest of your life. Read the meaning of the tattoo and decide if it matches your character. It happens that even a weak person gives courage to a beautiful tattoo, which has a strong energy.

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