The problem of hair loss worries a person more and moreand more. That is why various cosmetic companies try to improve the quality of their products every time. The research they do is aimed at studying this phenomenon. The causes of loss can be stress, poor environmental conditions, poor-quality products for hair care.

Vichy for hair growth
Consider the cosmetics that the company "Vichy" offers for hair growth. The series includes shampoos, balms, masks, as well as special products that stimulate and strengthen hair follicles.

Shampoos, masks, balms "Vichy" for hair growth

For skin care, the company offersmeans based on an innovative formula with aminexil. This miracle molecule, found as a result of ten years of research, has established itself as the most effective means for solving problems associated with hair thinning. Aminexil creates favorable conditions for their strengthening and growth. As a result of the use of shampoo with amineksilom prolapse decreases, because okolofollikulyarny collagen, responsible for flexibility and elasticity around the roots, does not harden. Thus, the hair is more firmly held and does not fall out. Shampoos of the DERCOS series are designed to solve problems associated with hair structure disorders and their growth. For each type of hair you can find your shampoo: toning, firming, anti-dandruff, for dry and damaged, fatty hair, and also for sensitive scalp. Mask "Vichy" - a means for hair growth, which complements care. Thanks to the formula with ceramides and nourishing oils, the curls after application become soft, silky, shiny. The company "Vichy" for hair growth represents and strengthening balm series DERCOS, which also helps to eliminate the problem associated with their loss.

Vichy hair conditioner
Other innovative means of the company "Vichy" for hair growth

Capsules "Aminexil PRO" specially developedto improve the quality of hair. Their composition, in addition to the miraculous formula, contains components that supply the roots with energy elements and vitamins necessary for the growth and beauty of curls. The ampoule contains a convenient applicator, which can massage the scalp to stimulate microcirculation. With a strong fallout, use 1 ampoule a day, with a moderate drop, 3 ampoules a week. The entire course of treatment lasts 6 weeks.

Vichy for hair growth reviews

For the growth of new healthy hair companyThe "Neozhenik" agent with a molecule of stexoxidine was developed. Its function is to simulate the conditions that stem cells require. After all, they are responsible for the formation of a new hair in the follicle. The recommended course of treatment is one dose per day for 3 consecutive months. For greater effect, the procedure is repeated 1 or 2 times a year.

If the condition of the head of hair does not lead you todelight, and you do not intend to calmly watch how it thinens, then choose "Vichy" for hair growth. The reviews confirm a decrease in loss, an increase in density and an improvement in the quality of the strands.

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