In pursuit of long hair, many resort tovery radical methods. Dimexide for hair, which is very controversial, is used relatively recently. This is due to the fact that it is not used for cosmetic purposes in principle, however, girls do not pay attention to this.

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Dimexide for hair: reviews and the principle of action

How does this tool work? Dimexide is a medicinal preparation intended for the healing of tissues, more precisely for the acceleration of this process. It is able to penetrate deep into the skin, thereby carrying and delivering cells much more nutrients and vitamins. This is why dimexide is used to improve blood flow, which is responsible for hair growth in general. However, the feedback on this tool is very controversial.

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Dimexide for hair: reviews, recipes and tips

If you are determined to use thismeans, first you need to do a small test on any part of the scalp. This is necessary in order not to cause harm, as this is a very radical remedy for the hair, and when using it, you must strictly observe all proportions. Dimexide for hair, whose price does not exceed 30 rubles, is used only as part of masks and in no case in pure form. So, a few tips about masks: the product should always be diluted with water and then added to the mask, you should always thoroughly mix the solution, since you can get a burn. Use diluted dimexide should be immediately, because the uniformity of the mixture can break very quickly. Also it is worth noting that during the action of the mask there may be a slight burning sensation - this is normal. But if the burning is strong, then the mask should be washed off immediately.

Dimexid for hair: reviews and recipes for masks

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So, after you've read all the tips andWeighed the risk of using dimexide for hair, you can start preparing masks. For this we need some oils, for example, almond or coconut oil. The first mask: a teaspoon of dimexide solution (the solution is prepared with water in proportions of 1: 1) + a tablespoon of almond + tablespoon of coconut oil + yolk. Everything is mixed and applied to the hair, we wrap the head in a towel and hold the mask for an hour.

The second mask: a teaspoon of dimexide raspberries + a tablespoon of two favorite vegetable oils + a teaspoon of vitamins E and A + 5 drops of rosemary essential oil. Everything is mixed and applied to the hair. Particular attention is paid to the roots and skin of the head. This mixture should be kept for about fifty minutes. Masks for rapid hair growth, reviews about which are very different, need to be done no more than twice a week, since the main ingredient is dimexide.

This is a very strong drug that beganused in hair care more recently. It should be immediately said that the experts strictly forbid it, however it does not stop the girls. Use the proposed tool should be very carefully, and if all proportions are met correctly, the result will not take long.

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