The name of Polina Repik is known to very many girls,who are searching the Internet for advice on creating beautiful hairstyles for long hair. In the lessons she shares the secrets of her own images, and also talks about the means for make-up. This article is about Pauline as a real master of the amazing variety of hairstyles.

Online Lessons

The video is posted to help all women,who want to learn how to make beautiful stylings and braids yourself. And even those ladies who believed that they did not succeed, are beginning to make progress. This is due to a friendly and smiling instructor from the Internet.

In her personal channel on You Tube on the secrets of makeupand the hairstyle is told in the slightest detail. The explanations of the girl sound competent and understandable. To master the skills of weaving braid, do not need to sign up for some courses. It's enough just to open You Tube and find a user named Polina Repik. Hairstyles, the technique of creating them - these are the themes of her videos. But now there is no need to ask someone to make spikes or go for this in an expensive salon. It is quite realistic to look after yourself on your own.

Polina Repik Hair Style

French braids - is it difficult?

In one of the interviews Polina told me thatconsidered it inappropriate to go to the salon in order to make spikelets. She learned the French weaving, with a certain amount of effort. At first, her arms ached and tired, but now she smiles when she sees muscles on them. After all, spikelet is a beautiful, but a daily scythe, and not something special before a party that is called, as Polina Repik thinks.

Hairstyles for many girls are not given at first: it is difficult to hold your hands up for a long time or your motor skills are not enough. To do this, you just have to stop upsetting, and see the video lessons Polina and still plait her braid herself.

In any case it is logical to learn how to create 1-2 hairstyles ideally, and then start to study the following. Gradually, each new weave is easier and faster.

hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles what type of girl advises

In the video classes, Polina Repik,hairstyles are seen very well, since the girl has long blond hair. She also tells what means she used to styling and strengthening her hair.

Polina's advice is interesting in the morningspit, which must be dissolved in the evening. The resulting locks strike the imagination. And after that, you can quite easily put them, sprinkle with varnish and go somewhere with your lover or to meet with a friend.

Pauline recommends simple and beautiful hairstylesfor long hair, combining tails, braids and loose strands. She has a lot of time to do in a day and believes that a modern lady needs to somehow miraculously fit into 24 hours. Each woman has her own schedule and individual concerns. The time for hairstyle, which is created by a curling flat for several hours, is clearly lacking.

beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful hairstyle for long hair

For example, time is saved, savedhealth of hair, if you do braids before going to bed, and weave in the morning, - advises Polina Repik. Hairstyles in her performance are thought through to the smallest detail. In particular, braids can be made at the beginning of the day, and unwrapped in the evening and with beautiful curls to go to a solemn event. Polina offers a wonderful hairstyle for long hair, which is suitable for study, in the gym, for work and just on any hot day. To do it, you need:

  1. On wet hair, apply a little spray to fix.
  2. Divide the hair into 2 equal parts, one of which is fixed in a bundle with a clamp.
  3. In the middle of the parting from the forehead to the nape of the neck you need to take a thick strand number 1, and near the face grab No. 2.
  4. The second strand should be covered first, drag through the window between them and tie the knot.
  5. Repeat the same thing, but every new time in number 2 you need to add hair from the total mass.
  6. Continue along the perimeter of the head until the hair is completely woven into the braid on one side of the hair.
  7. Repeat everything for the second half of the hair.
  8. Then left the left and right hair should be braided into ordinary braids.
  9. They need to be stacked on top of each other and secured with invisibility.

Modern ladies are very lucky that a largethe amount of information can be obtained from the Internet for free. Thanks to high-quality video lessons, it remains only to make an effort to gain experience. Polina advises wonderful hairstyles for girls, which everyone is able to learn.

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