Tattoos with images of geometric shapesbegan to actively spread not so long ago. They attract, most likely, the fact that they look simple enough and concisely. But at the same time they are impressive and can carry a deep enough mythological or religious meaning. In addition, with the help of straight lines you can create a unique and eye-catching image.


geometric tattoos for girls

It should be noted that work on similartattoos is painstaking, since geometric tattoos often include fine lines. During the application, only the wrong movement of the master can ruin the whole work. Therefore, if you decide to make a similar drawing on the body, refer exclusively to experienced professionals.


An unrepeatable feature of geometrictattoos is that the intertwining of straight lines of different size, thickness, and maybe even color leads to a whole composition. This is the basis for geometric tattoos. For girls who can not decide on the choice of a picture, this option is ideal. It is unlikely that a simple and concise image will look pretentious or vulgar. Often it happens that people get tired of their tattoos. Geometric shapes look nenazoylivo. Therefore, they can hardly be naughty.

The meaning of geometric tattoos

value of geometric tattoos

In geometry, there are many figures. Each of them is interpreted in its own way:

  • Six-pointed star. Very interesting figure. It has a complex symmetrical shape, which is formed from six triangles connected by a hexagon, resulting in the formation of a star. Everyone knows that a triangle looking upwards is a symbol of the sky, and looking downwards is a sign of the earth. In this figure they are united. As a result, the figure symbolizes the perfect marriage between a man and a woman.
  • Triangle. A common element of tattooing. Geometric tattoos with its presence can be either self-contained or supplemented by other images. But the triangle is often the basis in such cases. There is a huge number of its most varied meanings. For example, flame, stability. It also happens that the triangle embodies three concepts: birth, life and death; body, mind, and soul.
  • The square is also not less common as a tattoo. Geometric tattoos of such a plan can symbolize straightforwardness, truth, honesty, justice and simplicity.
  • The circle is a symbol of unity, infinity and perfection. The sun can also symbolize. Often you can find a circle, divided in half, for example, all known yin-yang.
  • A pentagram is usually associated with somethingancient, mysterious. Its meaning varies depending on the performance, but the most common are: the victory of spiritual goods over material, security, tranquility, harmony.
  • The spiral is often found not only in qualitytattoos, but also in nature. For example, galaxies, tornadoes, whirlpools, seashells, lines on a human finger, a DNA molecule. It is because of this that she received the meaning of something great, powerful. It can also symbolize time, change, circulation.
  • Lines are the basis of such a drawing. Geometric tattoos are simply inconceivable without them. But the lines can also be an independent image, for example, drawn in the form of arrows or lightning.

geometric tattoos

Location on the body

The most common place for geometrictattoos are hands. And to be more specific, the wrists, since the figures are usually presented in the form of a compact image and do not take up much space. This allows them to be located in a small area. But this does not mean that geometric tattoos are necessarily performed in a strictly minimalist style. They can form complex, large-scale figures or be part of another drawing. Such tattoos can be placed in any other place.

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