Blond hair attracts histenderness and refinement. A light ash-brown blend gives the look a subtlety. He is always at the peak of fashion, since the classics are eternal. With him, a woman can feel like a snow queen.

In kind, ash-blondis found. In its pristine form, it is usually not pronounced, so women who have such hair, emphasize the color with the help of various products (shading shampoos, balms, paints).

light brown

Ash-blond hair color: to whom he fits

Many stylists and hairdressers say thatthis tone fits the ladies with blond hair, pale skin, gray or blue eyes. Of course, everything is individual. But this color should be discarded if you have a swarthy skin, black or very dark hair, brown eyes.

ashen blond hair color
How to get an ashy-fairy tinge

Before staining, it is necessary to evaluate the structuretheir hair, the degree of their damage. Ash-blond without hassle is obtained only on light or gray hair. The paint is applied to the roots of the curls, and then evenly distributed throughout their length. The composition is aged for a certain time and washed off.

At home it is not easy to achieve a beautifulAshen shade if you have dark hair. Typically, the curls are pre-clarified and stained into several receptions. It's better to trust your head with professionals - the result is worth it.

If you chose an ash-blond shade, and you have dark or red hair, be prepared for some possible consequences:

  1. There may be a yellow or green tintdue to the interaction of the discolored curl with the pigments of the paint. This is especially evident on red, black and dark blond hair. Eliminate this defect will help shade or shampoos balms. You can try some folk remedies or make toning in the hair salon.
  2. Excessive discoloration of benefit will not bring. Every 2 weeks, the roots will need to be tinted. Hair can become brittle and lifeless. There is a way out - permanent medical masks and caring procedures.

How to keep the ash-brown color

The effect of the paint is short-lived. To obtain the ash-blonde hair color (photo) is not washed off, it is recommended to use balms and shampoos for colored curls. Lamination can be an alternative. It will retain the brightness of the color for a long time.

The image of the "Snow Queen"

Ash-blonde successfully emphasizesindividuality with proper make-up and appropriate clothing. Make-up should be a cold shade and strive for naturalness. Lipstick is best pink or lilac, as bright colors will age.

The shades are suitable for mother-of-pearl gray, blue or pale pink. Blush should be chosen transparent.

ashen blond hair color photo

Ash-blond visually emphasizes shortcomingsskin, adds years. Therefore it is necessary to use special means, which hide small wrinkles and pimples. Moreover, the foundation must have a pink pigment - it will advantageously shade the cold skin of a beauty.

Mascara and a contour pencil are also better to choosegray or blue. For clothes suitable blue-blue colors, as well as light pink, light yellow and gray. From the wardrobe you need to exclude things black.

Finally I want to say that even a professionalmay not always achieve the desired result. Discoloration, repeated stains injure the hair. Therefore, if you think that the ashy shade is to your face, then nourish your locks with masks, use good shampoos, apply folk remedies, and let your image be beautiful!

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