The appearance of a person depends on his lifestyleand the means by which he builds it. The style of clothes, facial features, well-groomed skin - all this creates a first impression of a person and affects his success. Women and men want to always look perfect, so they seek to use all possible ways to preserve youth and beauty. Always remain an attractive person with a good appearance is possible. The main thing - to competently care for the skin.

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If you want to have a well-groomed face, then studyproperties of own skin and find out its needs. An important aspect is cosmetics for skin care. To choose what will really improve her condition, keep or restore her youth, you need to trust the manufacturers of cosmetics, as well as to know how the cosmetics work. The modern market offers a huge selection of products. Moreover, there are and are developing network marketing companies.

Nashumela its principles of working with customers andgiving the opportunity to run their business company from Israel DeSheli ("Deshali"). Cosmetics, the price of which is high, is presented in the form of sets of skin care products and hair. Everyone knows that an integrated approach allows achieving good results. Cosmetics "Deshaly", reviews of which are so different, appeared on the Russian market not so long ago. The principle of the company's work with consumers is the presentation of products with a mandatory offer to try the funds through an individual consultation.

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Many disappointed visitors to suchevents say that they were literally forced to purchase sets of cosmetics for a lot of money. The specialists of the company assured the guests that the presentation was necessary to solve the problems of their skin with "Deshaly" cosmetics.

The company's product catalog consists of sets andadditional funds that provide the skin with complete care, and also rejuvenate and revitalize it. Cosmetics from Israel are valued for their quality and declared themselves as products that bring results. However, the visitors of the "Beauty Centers" from "Deshali" are confused by the fact that you must immediately invest a large amount of money in a set of cosmetics, the results of which can only be guessed. Confuses buyers also that cosmetics "Deshali" (the reviews confirm this) are not always offered by professional consultants.

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There is also pressure fromrepresentatives of the company - often they insist that event visitors are required to either buy or recommend products to their friends and relatives. Observed calls from representatives with invitations to the presentation were also noticed. Cosmetics "Deshaly" reviews are positive mainly on the website of the Russian representative office. Hence, we can conclude that the company did not properly train the specialists of the Russian branch, and this negatively affected its reputation. Cosmetics "Deshaly" reviews will be positive only when it is offered by professionals who have knowledge of the products and results after application.

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