Hair - a natural ornament of eachrepresentatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Their appearance, health and brilliance can completely transform any person, complete a stylish image and emphasize elegance. It is for this that women make different hairstyles, experiment with styling and color. It is the coloring of hair in different colors is the most frequent way of changing women's own appearance. Many people buy paint to hide the gray hair, for some, it's more important to change the image, and someone just dreams of giving the natural color of hair a deeper shine.

In all these cases, it is very importantthe right choice of paint, which will give a shade to the strands, and will not spoil them, forcing them to regret the decision to change their appearance. If there is a desire only to see how much the appearance changes with the new hair color or to have minimal impact on the natural decoration, then the ideal solution will be hair dye without ammonia, harmless and gentle with strands. Such cosmetic preparations have a sparing effect on the hair, and besides it keeps on the hair not so long as more aggressive chemicals. Such paints are quite capable of changing the natural color without disturbing the structure and hair follicle, without requiring that ammonia purification be carried out later if the strands begin to ache and lose their natural beauty.

There are several types of dyes that helpchange or slightly shade the color of hair - toning paints, unstable and semi-resistant, as well as persistent hair colors. The first are the most harmless, they do not contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide in their composition, so they act softly on locks without penetrating into their structure, and are quickly washed off. Basically, these drugs are selected in the event that you want to experiment with the appearance, see how suitable this or that shade. Such hair dye without ammonia, giving this or that shade, can be removed after about one to two weeks. The product perfectly emphasizes the depth of natural color, emphasizes the beauty of ringlets natural or already colored, and also makes them softer.

Unstable hair dyes, as follows fromnames, hold the color on the strands for a very short time, and break down at the slightest contact with water. Usually they are varnishes, shampoos, foams and lotions, which when applied to the hair form a fragile color film of a variety of shades. Hair dye without ammonia semi-resistant can withstand the test by flushing to two months, each time a little fading, which allows you to assess how a particular shade will be attractive to a particular person.

The best option for safe and moderatepersistent hair coloring - harmless cream paints without ammonia. This substance in them is replaced by amines, which allows you to get rid of the specific smell when applying the paint and maintain the health of the hair. Unlike other, sparing and quickly washed off cosmetic preparations, these cream-colors can help cardinally change, literally turning from a blonde to a brunette, and also effectively and permanently color the gray hair.

Selecting a means for dyeing hair, it should beremember: it is important to take into account not only the danger of ammonia, but also that any paint should contain certain components, without which the strands will somehow be destroyed. First of all it is panthenol, plant extracts, vitamin B5, quality ultraviolet filters, as well as a substance that is an air conditioner after staining (usually it is included). Only with the availability of all these tools hair dye without ammonia will qualitatively change the color, without damaging ringlets and not disappointing the fair sex.

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