A rare beauty refrained fromchange the image and color of hair. Moreover, many decided on the cardinal changes and became brunettes of blondes, and from brown-haired women turned into burning brunettes. Nevertheless, if you want to just slightly adjust the hair color or change as much as possible, you should find out which of the shades of hair dictates the fashion of 2013.

hair color coffee with milk
This year, priority is given to naturalbeauty, natural shades, femininity in everything, including hairdos. Leading fashion legislators Gucci and Lanven proposed a girl with chestnut and dark blond hair warm colors: the color of "coffee with milk", golden classic and golden chestnut. And let it be considered that men prefer blondes, but it is for brunettes that fame of fatal and seductive women. The color of the hair "coffee with milk" is not only a trendy trend, but also a fairly gentle shade. It will allow hair to remain smooth, silky, it will not damage the structure of the hair due to the fact that the clarifier has a low percentage.

In order to get an impeccable and saturatedcolor of hair "coffee with milk", it is recommended to go to the salon to a professional master. At home, it is difficult to achieve the desired result, since the shade itself is quite complex. Do not "go" into it from the red color, warm yellow is difficult to "kill" the cold milk color. And at the same time, an attempt to turn from a burning brunette into a brown-haired woman is unlikely to succeed either. I'll have to wait, the result will be, but not for one painting.

Hair color "coffee with milk" to the face is noteach girl, as, nevertheless, is considered a cold shade. Therefore, it is preferable if the girl is a brunette with olive or neutral skin and a cold eye color, or a brunette with brown eyes.

color of coffee with milk

Beauties who want to get the hair color of "coffee with milk," but are afraid that it will not work for them, you should use a toning balm and look at the result.

hair color coffee with milk photo

With a sharp change in the image still have to take care of the partial change of wardrobe - from underwear to sunglasses. Not worth it
wear too flashy or vice versa, paleshades. Against the background of bodily colors, the image may fade, and the bright beauty will turn into a gray mouse. Violet, lilac, pink, blue and black colors will suit the image of girls whose hair color is "coffee with milk". Photo collections of famous designers are just confirm.

Unfortunately, from fashionable leopard prints yetwill have to be abandoned, but the shades of brown will come in handy. Successful acquisition will be things made in white and black with a complement of pink or gently blue. For lyubitelnits to be in the center of attention, to look clearly and impressively it is suggested to add bright blue or red parts of the toilet to the wardrobe.

Charming brunettes and brunettes are very luckywith the color of the hair. After all, from year to year, designers develop and improve the palette of colors, which allow you to change the image, refresh your natural hair color or play with shades.

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