So, today we will talk with you about howframe the frame in the game "Maincrafter". In addition, it will be necessary to get acquainted with a number of materials used. Let us deal with you in this difficult matter as quickly as possible.


But before you frame the frame in "Meincraft," it's worth talking to you about what kind of thing will turn out for us in the end. Maybe it's a trinket that you do not have to make?

how to craft a frame

In fact, the frame for photos in the game isblock in which you can put this or that object, and then decorate the wall with it. Performs the role of the most conventional framework. You can place this item inside the blocks. It breaks down quite easily. After you break this object, the frame itself will fall down, and even the object placed in it will drop off. So you can quite find him an application. Let's see how to frame the frame. We begin to collect the necessary resources.


The first thing we need is the most commonstick. True, we need to type a large number of them. If you are planning to create several items (not just frames), then it is better to stock them for future use.

In general, sticks are one of severalcommon resources that are used in the "construction" of the game. So if you are thinking about how to craft a frame in "Minecraft" (or any other object), then you can be sure - with a huge chance you will have to look for wands.

how to craft a frame in maincraft

Where do you get them? In general, this subject can be found in nature. Though rare. Often it is simply created on a workbench. This will require a wooden board. But it will be more than easy to get them.

The thing is that the boards are obtained afterprocessing of wood. Absolutely from any tree you can get this material. Thus, if you work a little, say, with an oak tree, then you will gain a few resources. Align the 2 boards - get 4 sticks. After you have made sure that you already have a good stock of chopsticks and small pieces, you can move on. We continue to understand how to frame the frame in the "Maincrafter".


Now we have reached you with more interesting and hard-to-reach materials. For example, if you are still thinking about the arrangement of the interior of your home, it would not hurt to dial the most common skin.

As you can guess, it's about animal skins. Strictly speaking, the skin falls from the killed little animals. A maximum of 2 pieces. It can also happen that you will not get anything.

If you are thinking how to frame the frame in the game"Maykraft", then you can have patience and .... weapons. Go to the hunt. Our resource is extracted from mushroom cows, ordinary burrs, and also from horses. True, you can do in a more humane way - go fishing. Maybe you'll be lucky, and you'll be able to get yourself a couple of pieces of leather. Take yourself a few units of this resource - it will come in handy for you in the future. Especially if you seriously think about the arrangement of a home. Ready? Then let's see how to frame the frame. You can not put a photo into it, of course, but here is a map or any other small object - easily.

how to craft a frame in minecraft


Well, now we go with you to the mostinteresting business, namely, the creation of our facility. In fact, this is the simplest thing that only applies to today's topic. The thing is that the search for resources takes quite a long time. Especially if you just started the game.

First, we prepare the skin. Fortunately, everything is simple - we only need one unit of this resource. Place it in the very center of the workbench (second row, second "cage"). Now you can return to our tree and a little "pohummit" with it.

The thing is that, as already mentioned, weyou need boards. If you worked with the same type of wood, then you can rejoice - there will be no problems. In case if, say, you cut a birch and an oak, it is necessary to combine boards of only one type (color). In total, "Meincraft" - 6 types of wood.

After you create the sticks, you can putthem around the skin on the bench. To create a photo frame you will need to dial 8 sticks. Fill them with all the free "cells" and see what happens. You will have a small cute wooden frame. That's all.

how to craft a photo frame

Now you can use the item the way you want it. As a rule, put a card or some weapon inside. It turns out something like a pedestal.

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