Probably, if you hold a kind of sociological survey and ask Internet users what social network they are registered in, then the majority will still be called VKontakte.

And although the audience of this resource is alreadyseveral million people, nevertheless, the number of those who are interested in registration in the contact without an invitation or with that, does not decrease. How does this procedure happen?

Section 1. Registration in contact without an invitation / with an invitation. Causes

Theoretically, there can be several of them:

  • The user by some miracle has not registered on this resource yet and he at last has dared to make it.
  • The previous profile was hacked by ill-wishers and it's easier to repeat the whole registration process than to prove the site's administration hacking.
  • The profile owner does not remember which cell phone number phone was originally specified for registration. It is much faster for him to create a new one than, guided by the rules of the resource, send the administration copies of the passport and other necessary documents).

Why did the administration have to introduce suchrigid rules? For example, registration only by invitation or only after the introduction of the current cellular number. After all, as practice shows, this is not very convenient for ordinary users. Some can not cope with the introduction of the phone number, and others, for some reason, simply do not want to turn to friends for help and thus reveal their appearance on the network.

Thus, the site tries to combat spam and other malicious programs.

Section 2. Registration in the contact without the invitation of friends. Is it possible?

Literally until last year, this was unattainable. Technically impossible. Can you imagine how a person felt that did not have such an assistant friend, or did he want to make an incognito record?

It was sad ... It turned out that it was impossible to communicate,read interesting information, play games, edit photos, listen to music and watch videos just because you needed a so-called "guarantee" or "guarantee" from one of your friends or acquaintances for this.

How did the registration in the contact go on without invitation?

For this it was necessary to get the so-calledan invitation from the administration itself. This does not mean that you will have to pay for registration or send some expensive messages to a certain number.

Administration of the social network guarantees that this site was, is and will remain free Internet resource.

Section 3. How to register in the contact without the invitation of friends. detailed instructions

  • We go to the site known to us.
  • Click on the special blue button with the inscription "How to become a member". (It is located just in the middle of the page).
  • A message will appear on your computer screenthat if for some reason you can not use the invitation of friends, then for registration you will need to leave your phone number.
  • Enter the cell number in the corresponding field.
  • After a few seconds you will be sent a message with a password and login. These data will help you enter the site. If necessary, they can be changed.
  • Now you have your own page in one of the most popular networks in the world. Fill it, add photos and enjoy a pleasant pastime.

As you yourself noticed, registration in the contact without an invitation was quick and easy. Nothing much to do was not needed.

In addition, you received one of the mainadvantages: by storing mobile phone data in the database of the site, you can be sure that you have secured your page permanently. Even if someone hacks your account or you forget the password yourself, in a matter of seconds you can restore it using a cellular account.

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