Files that have the EXE extension areexecutable files for most applications that we use every day. Installing any program on the computer, we create a shortcut for it on the desktop to make it easier to find. But it happens that even yesterday the program worked does not open under any manipulation.

do not run exe

Suppose that you are confronted with thisProblem: EXE files are not started. In this case, often a window appears in which you are asked to select a program to open the file. In this case, first you need to check your computer for viruses and malware. If your antivirus is out of date or not at all, the first thing you need to do is install the scanner or antivirus of the updated version and scan in deep scan your computer. If you often use a portable flash card and take information from different computers, then you simply need to install a program designed specifically for portable USB devices. When you connect a flash card to a computer, it scans it for viruses, worms and malicious programs, because of which EXE files do not start. There are a lot of such instructions, but they take up a little resources in the system of your machine. But it also happens that the user himself accidentally makes changes to the registry, thereby violating his work. Of course, then EXE files do not open. In this case, you must restore the registry to make the file executable.

How does this happen? Let us describe the problem in more detail. The user or malware disables the registry editing function. To enable it and make the necessary changes, you need:

do not open exe files
Go to "Start> Run ..." Then in the commandtype "gpedit.msc", click Ok, then "Group Policy", select "Local Computer" from the list that appears, then go to "User Configuration", then "Administrative Templates." In the dialog that appears, select "System" ... In the "System" window, find the line called "Make Registry Editing Tools Unavailable." After all, the problem with the fact that the EXE does not start is related to the work of the virus. It turns the registry editing into the "Enabled" state, making the changes impossible.

In the Properties window, disable the feature that is notallows you to make changes to the registry. After a reboot, everything should work. In order not to contribute information to the registry itself, you can download data for it suitable for your operating system.
does not start exe

If the EXE files do not start after that,you can enter information manually or download reg-file. It should be called arbitrarily, double click on it and open it. Then you need to go to the command line: "Start> Run", enter the name of your created file (with the reg extension) and click Ok.

If, after the work done, there is nothinggo out, use the antivirus utility for data recovery. If, after running this utility, you do not run EXE, try reinstalling the operating system on your computer. Before you perform this procedure, save all important information to a disk that will not be formatted.

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