They say that the Internet is a big dump, butwe must not forget that a lot of good and interesting can be found at this dump. No wonder people put their works of art on the Internet. In art, there are many terms that denote these or other pictures. There are many styles in drawing, but it's not about the style of the picture, but rather about what this picture is about - a film, a comic strip, maybe even a weave of two plots of different books and fictional universes.

fan art


What is fan art? This is the independent creation of fans (fans), based on works of various spheres of art, such as cinematography, animation, literature, comics and the like. The fan-art uses the ideas of the originals of works, characters and the plot itself. In a broader sense, fan art is absolutely any unofficial non-commercial work. At the heart of it is always a famous work. Fan art is usually divided into two types. It's amateur (made by fans who begin to draw only in this sphere and are hardly willing to be recognized) and author's (masterpieces made by professional artists, even if the idea of ​​a fan-art idea is stupid)

fan art of maynkraft

Fan-art games

In our time, with the development of the gaming industry,the Internet is a considerable number of drawings on the subject of certain subjects of computer games. Especially fans like to parody or mix from other universes (crossover) of the main characters in their illustrations. Every year there are more and more different pictures with the characters of games, but their popularity depends on the popularity of the plot of the game world. The games industry comes up with hundreds of stories, and the more interesting it is, the more wonderful fan-art meets. Particularly popular is the pixel game of the genre "Sandbox", called Mincraft. On the theme of "Fan Art Meinkraft" you can meet a considerable number of sites. Game characters have a specific body structure and can both create and destroy buildings.

Manga and anime

Most often the term fan art is applied toJapanese subculture, where a phenomenon such as manga flourishes, and an anime shot on it. In this country are constantly drawn illustrations for those or other works of cinematography or animation. On the Internet resources you can find a lot of pictures, referred to as fan art on the theme of Bleach, Naruto, Hellsing, etc. And all the illustrations are made so vividly that it seems that they are made by the authors of the original works themselves.

fan games

Fan-art cinematography and animation

The most common fan art is insphere of cinematography. It's only in movies and cartoons that charismatic heroes and brutal villains are most often met. Often, fans of a particular film / cartoon try to continue their favorite work, coming up with new stories, alternative endings, and drawing fan art, depicting their favorite heroes.

How to make a fan art?

It's not as simple as it seems at first glance. To do this, you need to be a fan of the original work and have at least some artistic skills. We must also take into account the fact that many artists have a tremendous experience in drawing, so if it did not work out for the first time, do not despair. By itself, fan art is painted by anything (depending on the style of the original work), but if it is done by hand, it is often processed on a computer using various programs (for example, Photoshop). You can paint a picture with a simple pencil, felt-tip pens, paint with gouache, but in such a way that it is clear what is depicted, and if there is a skill - computer processing. And if you have the necessary knowledge and capabilities, you can draw directly on the computer. But before proceeding to the art itself, it is better to find out about certain canons of the structure of figures that are used in manga, games and some films.

what is fan art

Differences fan-art from fan-fikshena

It's worth mentioning that the fan art does not includeself-developed conjectures and their descriptions, while in fan-fixhen, this is the basis. Fan art in the first place includes an illustration that can parody the work, include a mixture of several characters from different universes or just carry a caricature character. A fan-fikshen includes the ability to independently refine the ideas of the authors of the original, have an offshoot of the plot with the same characters in the mood fan. For example, the most common phenomenon in "fanfic" is a short film with a duration of five minutes to an hour. This film can include both an offshoot of the main plot, not included in the original film, and the author's own fiction. Also, "fanfic" can be removed based on a literary work or comics. Fan-fikshen can even be written in the form of a small work or even a book, simply based on the original plot of the work.

fan art maykraf

Do and do not give up

It is possible that you now want to takebrush and draw the plot, which I liked very much because of my unforgettable idea. But to have the skill and draw on a more serious level, you need a lot of training and practice. The most important thing is to create and not give up. All illustrations most often reflect the emotions of people who cause their works - so you can look at their representations expressed on paper.

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