Multifunction midrange withgood quality of the press and high speed of work is Brother DCP-1510R. Feedback on this peripheral solution, its technical parameters and other important information about it will be given in this material. Possible areas of its use will also be listed.

brother dcp 1510r reviews

Design. Control system

In the combined white-black caseThe Brother DCP-1510R printer is supplied. The owners' feedback highlights its high functionality and the maximum level of usability. On the front of the panel are located the input tray and the output system of the printed documentation. There is also a local control system and a multifunctional monochromatic display. On the upper side of the MFP is a lifting cover that hides the scanner. The sides of the device are devoid of any communication and control elements. On the back of the device are all the communication connectors and the power switch.

Niche printer

To middle-class solutions belongsthe model in question, and its similarity is indicated by reviews. Refilling Brother DCP-1510R allows you to significantly reduce the cost of printing. The limit of 10,000 pages (namely, such a resource for a month claimed by the manufacturer for this MFP) certainly will be enough for printing in a small or even an average office. Another possible area of ​​application is the various centers that specialize in printing and copying. Theoretically, such a printer can be used in large organizations, but in this case it should be supplemented by some other similar devices that will cover the lack of print volume for a month.

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A typical configuration of this device,which has everything you need initially and allows you to immediately start using it for its intended purpose. The famous manufacturer included the following main components and accessories:

  1. MFP.
  2. Start monochromatic cartridge, which is only 70% full with black toner.
  3. The power cable and interface computer cord completely cover the needs of this peripheral solution in print.
  4. User guide.
  5. CD with recorded software.
  6. A coupon with a full list of warranty obligations.

Paper. Dimensions of the carrier and its possible density

The main format for the model under consideration is the MFP -this is the most common to date A4. Also supported is the support of smaller pages, among which there are also A5, B5 and even C5. In print mode, the resolution is 2400x600, but in case of copying this feature will automatically decrease to 600x600. For warm-up this MFP consumes about 20 seconds, but when printing the first page A4 - 10 seconds. Next, the print speed becomes fixed and is 20 pages of the largest size per minute. Essential restrictions are imposed by the manufacturer on the density of the carrier used in this device. Its smallest value in this case can be equal to 60 g / m2, and for this reason it is not allowed to print on newsprint with 40 g / m2. The maximum carrier density is 176 g / m2. As a result, it is inadmissible to carry out output on cardboard, paper or photographic paper in this case.

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The scanning system of various paperdocumentation can be attributed to the significant advantages of the Brother DCP-1510R. In the responses, the owners highlight the really improved quality of digital copies in this case, which is provided by their high resolution. At the hardware level this parameter is claimed by the manufacturer 1200x600, but the advanced technology of digital interpolation at the level of software already allows to get 9600x9600. The scanning speed in this case corresponds to 20 digital copies in A4 dimensions.


A very modest set of interfaces is implemented inBrother DCP-1510R. The feedback focuses on the absence of such important connection methods as wired TCP / IP / Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi. This disadvantage does not allow this multifunctional device without the help of a personal computer to independently perform the functions of a subsystem of printing or scanning. The main method of connection in this case is universal and most often found in solutions of this class of USB. The manufacturer strongly recommends using Revision 2.0 for switching. However, from the position of hardware and software specifications, it is allowed to use the earlier versions of the 1.X series, or the more recent ones 3.X.

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Very controversial situation with drivers inthis universal multifunctional device. In the list of supported operating systems, there are only two products. One of them is "Windows" in different versions, and the second one is MacOS. Quite often users to the minuses of this solution include the lack of drivers for such popular operating systems as Linux or UNIX. But they are not so often found in offices. Typically, such systems are aimed at the segment of network servers and they do not connect peripheral multifunction devices.


An excellent cartridge modification is used inthis multifunctional device. This is indicated by reviews of the Brother DCP-1510R laser multifunction device. Filling it allows you to increase the starting limit for printing from 700 to 1000 pages. His model is TN-1075 from Brother. This peripheral solution is capable of outputting documentation in black and white or, as it is also called, monochromatic mode. Therefore, only black toner is needed for refilling. The ceiling of printing for a month by the manufacturer is set by the manufacturer in 10,000 pages. Therefore, this subsystem of copying and printing will have to be filled up to 10 times in the most intensive mode.

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A simple and intuitive process is simple enoughThis universal printing or scanning solution allows the novice user to install and configure the Brother Laser DCP-1510R. Reviews on the Internet indicate the maximum simplicity of performing this operation, which consists of the following stages:

  1. We remove the universal device from the transport box with all the rest of its contents.
  2. Install it as close to the PC as possible.
  3. We connect the MFP to the power supply network and to the system unit.
  4. We install drivers and other related application software. This includes both diagnostic programs and the device status monitor.
  5. During the installation of the software, you will be prompted to turn on the MFP. It is then necessary to apply voltage to it by pressing the Power button.
  6. The next step is to restart the computer system to which the configurable multifunction device is connected.
  7. After that it is recommended to print one copy of the test page.

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Given the positioning, the low cost is notThe Brother DCP-1510R Laser MFP can also be used. Prices start at 10,000 rubles. You can, of course, find a more affordable peripheral solution with a similar resource. But the print quality will be worse for him because the resolution of the output documents will be lower. Therefore, the ideal combination of quality and reasonable cost distinguishes this peripheral solution against the background of similar devices.


A balanced printer solution is the Brother DCP-1510R printer. In the reviews, buyers give him a number of insignificant shortcomings and a number of important advantages. The first ones are:

  1. Only one possible way to connect is USB. Because of it, this MFP is not able to work independently in print server mode.
  2. Lack of drivers for operating systemsLinux families or UNIX. As it was already noted earlier, this software underlies the network servers, which are very rarely connected to the printing subsystems.

The advantages of the solution under consideration include:

  1. High speed.
  2. Democratic price policy.
  3. Acceptable print quality.
  4. Minimum costs for the implementation of workflow.
  5. Easy to set up.

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Simply perfect for creating smallnetwork and local printing systems, the Brother DCP-1510R multi-function device. Reviews in this case indicate its really modest cost and excellent list of technical specifications. Optimum such an MFP will look in a small office. But in other cases, such a peripheral solution will look very, very decent. The only caveat in this case is that if the monthly limit is exceeded, the print subsystem will have to be supplemented with some other similar products.

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