At the moment, we can safely say thatThe most popular game in the universe of pocket monsters was Pokemon Go. How to play it on different platforms, tens of thousands of users are interested every day. The mechanism of installation is different, and it is better to separately know all the details, in order to manage later to successfully start.

Description of the game

The main feature of popularity was that peopleYou need to run around the real world with your gadget in Pokemon Go. How to play this project, people from all over the world asked first, but soon the mechanisms became known. A person simply needs to run around the real city with a digital device, where there is a connection to the Internet. By linking to the position of the position on the screen, the actual situation on the terrain is displayed. In the future, users have to pump the pets, train them for the sake of evolution and increase in strength. The final stage is the struggle for control of the terrain in the form of halls. Each room is responsible for its location, and it can accommodate only one Pokemon for protection. It is for the sake of strengthening and controlling the terrain that millions of fans around the world run or travel miles of distance and hunt for pocket monsters.

pokemon go how to play

Installation on "Android" (part one)

For the Android operating system,in the Pokemon Go how to play, does not arise. The reason for this was the ease of installation, which took care of developers from the Japanese company Nintendo. First you need to download the APK file to your device. Next, in the parameters of the tablet or smartphone, you must allow the installation of applications not only from the main source. You can do this in the item "Screen lock and security". Here the version of the installation file plays an important role. In order not to miscalculate with this, it is better to go to the APK Mirror resource and find the game you are interested in. Further see the version and choose the latest release. This will be an additional guarantee of safe installation. In this case, there will be no problems with how to start playing Pokemon Go, because there will be initial instructions.

how to play pokemon go on pc

Continued installation on "Android"

So that in the future there were no questions about how,what to do in Pokemon Go, how to play, you must follow the instructions clearly. Enter the notification center and click on the previously downloaded APK file. Installation will take several minutes. Wait for the end of the process and check the game access to the camera, memory and GPS. These are the main parameters, without which the project loses its meaning. Go to the application point, find the "Pokemon GO" and check the permissions there. If they are not, then simply put them with regular checkmarks. This method of installation has one minus - manual update. If a new version comes out, do not lose it and look for a new way to play Pokemon Go on "Android." Just do all the work with the installation on the platform again.

how to start playing pokemon go

Install on iOS

Apple is used to closing itsdevice, because of the difficulties with installing the game for tablets and smartphones of this manufacturer more. To get started in a special application, exit your registered Apple ID. Go to the basic settings, there in the paragraph "Language and Region" should choose one of three countries - the US, Australia or New Zealand. It should be noted immediately that players looking for a way to play Pokemon Go without GPS simply lose time. Binding to the location of the position is mandatory for all devices. Then follow the instructions to download the game in the App Store. Since you are logged out of the account, the game will offer to create a new account. Do this, only for another email that was not previously used in the service.

how to play pokemon go on android

Continue installing on iOS

Once you have specified the mail, you mustfill in the address of the new (invented) place of residence in the selected country of the item "Language and Region". Just go to the country map on the network and find the real house with the specified number. At the same time, the index of this region should also be real and should be approached to the specified region. If you do not, then the question of how to start playing Pokemon Go will not lose its relevance, and you'll have to do it all over again. With the new account you can install the game and go to your old habitual account. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the project will not be updated, although it will work in the usual mode. When the new version comes out, it's worth simply go to the created American Apple ID and download. Without an American bank card, buying inside for real money will be unrealistic, but it's a small loss. All these inconveniences are due to the fact that in the CIS the game has not yet been officially released. Developers are constantly expanding the list of localizations, so soon access will be in every country in the world.

 how to play pokemon go on bluestacks

Installation on a personal computer (first method)

Some users prefer their laptop,rather than a smartphone or tablet. For them, the primary role is played by knowing how to play Pokemon Go on a PC. First, you need to install the Nox App Player and download the APK file already known from the article. Specify the path in the emulator to the folder with the installation of the game and install it in this way. Start the game, but do not immediately go into the digital world of pocket monsters. Preliminary with the help of the Geocode command we choose our place on the world map, where you want to hunt Pokemon. Click on the mouse and click OK. If this is not done, the user automatically throws in Sydney, and for a change of place, developers block accounts, because they consider this a fraud. The last point is to enter your age and connect using an account from Google or a separate account in the game.

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The second way

If you want to install the project on Windows,then you need to know about the second method, how to play Pokemon Go. On the Bluestacks-application, this is done in several steps and requires attention. To start, you need to download the simulator itself, and if it is already on the computer, then completely remove it, restart the computer and reinstall it. Now, in the Start menu, we are looking for the "Run" command. For a later version of the operating system, the Regedit application runs straight, it does not need to be searched through the command. In the opened registry editor it is necessary to pass on the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE BlueStacksGuestsAndroidConfig and there the parameter "Camera" to change the values ​​from one to zero.

Next you need to install the emulator insideKingroot way of correcting errors. After the "Try" button appears, the progress will begin, and when it reaches 100%, restart the emulator. Next, install the Lucky Patcher also inside the simulator and allow access. Move the APK file from the Fake GPS application to the "Documents" on the computer. We return to the last installed application, and the "Reassemble" function will appear there. The explorer opens, with which you need to specify the path to the APK-file from the fake GPS. When specifying the installation, agree, but do not restart the personal computer.

how to play pokemon go without gps


So that there are no more difficulties with howPlay Pokemon Go on your PC, you need to follow the instructions clearly. Leave in Bluestacks only two tabs - "Welcome" and "Android". On the last one, we restart the emulator again. Now install the game itself in Bluestacks. Now run Lucky Patcher, there call the advanced search function and look for the system application Fake GPS. After launching it, activate the expert modification and on the open map, simply select the desired places for catching pocket monsters. The dummy GPS will turn on, you can now exit the Lucky Patcher. The last action is the "Android" setting. Do not allow Google to access your location data, so there's no trick. Now you can start the project and enjoy hunting at any time.

Basic information

If at you it turned out to install, then there isfirst the question of what to do and how to play Pokemon Go. Hyde begins with the need to move around the world and pay attention to any third-party movements. If the branches move on the tree, then the pet hides there, go there to catch it. Different Pokémon come across with every frequency. Rare and strong creatures find much more difficult than the standard Pigi, Vidla and Caterpie. Nevertheless, persistent hunting will always give the desired result. In the lower corner often there are clues about the approach to the place where the pets are hiding, but there is simply no specific distance and even direction to some direction. An important issue is the evolution that makes the Pokémon much stronger. The second and third form always has more powerful parameters and can learn different attacks faster. When catching a pet, always consider this and see its future development possibilities. Start training with him in the nearest hall, unite with friends and conquer your territory. The main thing is to correctly install the project on the selected device, and then everything will come with time.

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