"DotA 2" to date is one of thethe most popular computer games - on any server you will find enough people to play different versions of parties. However, it should pay attention to the fact that not all gamers like to play "Dot" - the fact is that today, a huge popularity is gained by side actions concerning games, among which the most popular are bets. Computer games for some users turn into a game of chance, where they can win certain items from DotA, but they can lose everything they have. Therefore, many people take a similar risk - the adrenaline is just boiling, and people watch the matches without stopping from the screen, enjoying the game even when they do not take part in it directly. However, many people have problems with getting a win. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to collect the win Dota2Lounge.

Bet on "DotA"

First, you need to understand how youyou can bet on this game, because the principle initially may not be very clear to many. You may have trouble understanding not only how to pick up the Dota2Lounge winnings, but also how to place bets on this resource. Today it is the most popular in this direction, therefore it is not recommended to place bets on any other sites in order to avoid cheating.

how to pick up a win dota2lounge

Here you just need to choose a specificmatch, on which you want to put certain items, learn the coefficients for the victory and, in fact, make your bets. After that, you can closely follow the events of the match, or you can simply distract yourself, then to see in the end what the result is. If you lose, then the things you put will go to the players who made the right bet, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you won - how to pick up the winnings of Dota2Lounge? In fact, you can do this quite simply - you just need to understand the principle.

Your bets

First of all, to understand howpick up the winning Dota2Lounge, you need to go to the menu, where all your bets are placed, which you did. There you can find out which of the matches you won, and see what you can pick up. However, this is just the beginning, because then you have to have patience - the process is not the fastest, especially at those matches that take place between popular teams. There, betting makes a large number of people, which can significantly slow the receipt of the winnings.

how to get won things from dota2lounge com

Therefore, you need to know how to get won things from Dota2Lounge.com so you do not panic if you can not immediately pick up the winnings.

Interaction with bots

how to pick up things with dota2lounge

On this site there are special bots,which you transfer your things when you make a bet. Accordingly, it is with them that you will have to interact when you are going to withdraw your winnings. How to pick up things from Dota2Lounge? This is very simple - you need to see a list of bots, located under the list of items that you have to pick up. There you can see how many people are in the queue of a bot, and also how many percent of things it has available. Accordingly, you better look for that bot, which is listed 100%, because you will have a chance to pick up all the things at once and not stand in line with several bots in a row. As you can see, it's not so difficult to learn how to take things from Dota2Lounge or how to bet on this resource. However, you also need to know about some other aspects that may embarrass you.

Features of winning

At first glance, the process may seemquite simple - you are looking for a bot that has all your things, wait in line, take away the winnings and rejoice. But in fact there are some aspects that can prevent you from coping with the task so quickly. First, while you are waiting in line, the bot can pick up the things you won, and when your turn comes, the percentage can drop significantly, and you will have to stand in line again.

dota2lounge or how to bet

Secondly, you can not take away from one botmore than five things, so if you made a big bet, even that bot that has 100% of things will not be able to give you your winnings completely. You will have to wait until you collect all of your items that you bet and win.

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