Almost every PC user has ever playedvirtual brushes, dorisovyvaya horns in photos of friends. Someone has achieved such skill that allows you to edit the picture, change the contrast, brightness, sharpness, white balance. And units can use a computer the way an artist paints - to create masterpieces from scratch. In any of these cases, image editors are used, which will be discussed.

paint editor

Graphic Paint Editor

It comes with Windows and it isan integral part. This program was one of the first to allow editing and creating images. This product can easily cope with the simple tasks that periodically arise from any PC user. It:

  • reduction in the resolution (size) of the image;
  • framing (highlighting a certain rectangular area with the removal of unnecessary parts);
  • moving parts of the drawing;
  • adding inscriptions;
  • saving the result in several compressed formats.

The graphical Paint editor providesuser and drawing capabilities, but to date they are so primitive in comparison with other "players" that are used by someone extremely rarely. Here are the main ones:

  • Drawing primitives (rectangles, circles, ovals, arrows), straight lines, curves and arbitrary stripes with a brush or pencil;
  • choice of brush width and color;
  • filling a limited area;
  • airbrush;
  • full erasure of image areas.

Graphical editor of GIMP

GIMP image editor

The GIMP program is distributed under a licenseopen source software, but professional programmers participate in the development - this is the main advantage of the editor. It can be downloaded for free and installed on any number of computers.

GIMP is suitable for those who are professionally engaged in the processing of photographs, and for beginners in this matter. It is ideal not only for editing, but also for creating high-quality graphics.

The GIMP graphical editor is not equipped with thea familiar and user-friendly interface, but can be fully customized. The tools of the program often coincide with Photoshop, although not always at the same quality level.

The software solution allows you to produceprocessing of several drawings simultaneously. Developers have worked hard to allocate memory consumption so that GIMP does not overload the computer unnecessarily. But this approach negatively affects the speed of work here.

graphic editor in Russian

GIMP Functionality

Like other best graphic editors, GIMPWhen working with images, it uses layers (colorless plates that can be superimposed on each other). This technology is used by all modern designers, making up the whole of the parts. Erroneous actions taken in the GIMP can almost always be canceled.

One of the main advantages of the product areexpansion. The features provided by the editor will override the needs of most users, but the most demanding will be able to install additional plug-ins. Such extensions add new functionality to GIMP or simplify work with existing ones.

It should be noted, GIMP has a huge number of official localizations. Here is a graphic editor. In Russian it can be downloaded from the official site.

best graphics editors

Comparison of "heavyweights"

Photoshop - "monster" graphic editors,but the price of $ 700 makes it available only to corporations and professionals of the highest level. Can free software in the person of GIMP replace a commercial product?

At its core, the functions of editors are similar: almost all the tools in Photoshop can be replaced with GIMP functions, but they are sometimes realized differently or with their own features. There is a lack in GIMP of tools required in the preparation of sketches for copies of printed products. GIMP provides weak tools for processing text layers. The typed text can not be deformed without preliminary rasterization.

On the speed of image processing, these bestgraphics editors significantly diverge. If you fill the canvas with a gradient or solid color, free software loses to the commercial product only twice, then the Gaussian blur is performed in Photoshop faster already six times.


Presented best graphic editorsuse in their work additions. If their functions can be similar, then the implementation differs in absolutely everything. In favor of the Photoshop plug-ins, there are well-known companies such as Kodak, Phase One. But I must say, the possibilities of developing add-ons for GIMP are wider.

It provides a command console, scriptlanguages ​​Perl and Scheme, there is the possibility of creating additional programs in C. And all these opportunities are used by independent developers, because the base of ready-made add-ons is huge.

Special mechanisms of interaction of modulesallow immediately after the installation to use all the resources of the add-on together with the already existing functions. So, to create an interesting module, sometimes you need to write no more than ten lines of code.

creating a graphical editor

Logical total

Comparing the best graphic editors, we understand- GIMP plays Adobe almost all the articles. But the second one is intended for professional use and is the top product, the standard of such programs. However, if the work involves an amateur or even a semi-professional approach, absolutely free of charge the user will be able to get a high-quality product - GIMP.

Creating a graphical editor with an opensource code could not but affect its functionality. On the one hand, catching up on a more distinguished competitor is not achieved in all aspects, on the other - powerful development tools that are not protected by licenses attract many enthusiasts.

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