The average for both the price and the parameters for 2008 is the Core 2 Duo E8400 processor solution. It is his capabilities and parameters, as well as feedback on him, that will be discussed in detail in this review.

core 2 duo e8400

Positioning the CPU

In 2008, the processors were divided as follows:

  • High-performance solutions that consisted offrom 4 computing cores. This included "Cor 2 Quad" from "Intel" and "Phenomena" from "AMD". Immediately it is worth noting that these chips perfectly felt in multi-threaded applications. But in the software under one computational flow, they lost to single-core chips, which had a higher frequency.

  • The middle segment of the CPU was represented by dual-coresolutions. From "Intel" in this niche were "Cor 2 Duo", that is, the hero of our today's review - Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400. From AMD, in turn, two-module "Fenom" and "Athlon" were oriented to this segment of the market. These chips functioned well both with multi-threaded programs, and with the software that was imprisoned for single-core CPUs.

  • The initial segment was occupied by single-core solutions. Representatives of "Intel" in it were "Pentiums" and "Celerons". Well, in contrast to them, "AMD" produced "Athlons" and "Septrones".


There were 2 types of delivery kits of this chip. The first one was TRAY. It included the following:

  • CPA in protective plastic packaging.

  • Warranty card.

  • Sticker for the front panel of the PC case.

  • User's manual.

The second version was called BOX. It included, in addition to the previously mentioned list, also a cooling system with thermal paste. At once it is necessary to note that the regular cooling system is designed for operation of the CPU with the parameters declared by the manufacturer. But for overclocking it is recommended to use an improved air cooling system.

intel core 2 duo cpu e8400

Socket for the chip

The Core 2 Duo E8400 chip was installed in the main andthe only Intel processor socket at the time - socket 775. Of course, you can still buy a new motherboard, but the stock of semiconductor chips has been sold out for a long time. From the position of the current requirements for the hardware resources of the PC, it can be noted that the budget segment is fixed for such decisions. Most programs on it will run, but not at the maximum settings.


This was one of the firstwas manufactured using 45 nm technology. Now, of course, this number value will not surprise anyone. Modern silicon CPUs are manufactured already according to the process technology of 14 nm. But in 2008, such an engineering move made it possible to reduce the area of ​​the crystal and increase the number of transistors, and this, in turn, allowed to increase the productivity of the computer system by 10-15 percent.

core 2 duo e8400 specifications


Undoubtedly, the advanced processor solution in2008 was the Core 2 Duo E8400. Therefore, it had a solid two-level cache memory. Its first level was tied strictly to a specific module and was divided into 2 parts. The first part in 32 KB was used for storing instructions, and the second one, of exactly the same size, saved the data. But the second level of the cache was common for both computational models and it simultaneously stored data and instructions. Its size was 6MB and a similar characteristic not every processor of that time could grab.


Like most socket 775 processors, onlyOnly one type of RAM supported Core 2 Duo E8400. His characteristics indicate the possibility of working only with DDR2. This type of RAM is outdated both morally and physically. He was replaced long ago by DD3, which is now slowly being replaced by DDR4.

intel core 2 duo e8400 3 00 ghz

Accordingly, expect impeccableperformance from this dual-processor solution is not necessary: ​​low frequencies of RAM will be exactly the parameter that will slow down the computer system as a whole.

Thermal nuances

In this model, the claimed heat package is 65Tues. This value is not something unusual even today - exactly the same thermal package for most modern processors. The maximum allowed temperature for such a silicon crystal is 72.4 degrees. In the regular operating mode of the CPU at the highest load, it can reach 50 degrees. But when overclocking it is better to control its value. Often there are cases when the cooling system does not cope with the heating of the chip and its temperature almost instantly reaches 75-80 degrees. After such experiments, the processor, as a rule, fails and you have to buy a new CPU.

Frequency and Performance

The nominal clock speed of Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 -3.00 GHz. On this indicator, the E8400 is almost in no way inferior to the modern Pentium G3260, which has this figure of 3.3 GHz. That is, a PC based on the hero of this can be safely attributed to today's office machines. But if you replace the standard cooling system with an improved one and install a more powerful power supply in your computer, then you can easily overclock this chip to 4 GHz. And this is a significant increase in productivity and the ability to run almost all modern toys, including demanding (albeit with not the maximum settings).

cpu core 2 duo e8400


As noted earlier, this processorbelonged to the model series "Kor 2 Duo". It included 2 64-bit computing units, each of which operated at a frequency of 3.0 GHz. Technology "Turbo Bust" from "Intel" was not supported by this chip. As a result, he could not dynamically change his clock frequency. The same applies to automatic disconnection of an unused computer core. Therefore, in terms of energy efficiency with modern 2-core chips, the E8400 will be difficult to compete.


Processor Core 2 Duo E8400 came with a blockedfactor. As a result, it was impossible to disperse it simply by multiplying its multiplier. In this case, it was necessary to reduce the frequencies of all components of the system, except for the system bus. Its clock frequency in the future was to be step-by-step increased. Without special problems, this made it possible to achieve 4 GHz for the CPU. But before carrying out this simple operation, it was necessary to install specialized software ("AIDS-Fan" for monitoring the temperature and cooling system, "CPU-Zet" for determining the achieved CPU frequency, "AIDA 64" was used to test the stress resistance of the computer system). It was also necessary to replace the cooling system with a more advanced and with improved parameters and check the power of the power supply, which should be at least 700 W. Only after that it was possible to start overclocking. If necessary, it was possible to overcome the previously mentioned limit at 4 GHz, but in this case it was necessary to increase the additional voltage applied to the CPU to 1.4 V or more. And this is not so good, and in this mode, the semiconductor crystal E8400 was much faster out of order. Therefore, such experiments can be carried out only as a last resort.

core 2 duo e8400 3 00 ghz


The starting price for the CPU Core 2 Duo E8400 was equal to183 dollars for the BOX version and 153 dollars for the TRAY version. At the finish of sales, the cost of these semiconductor chips decreased by $ 4 and became equal to $ 179 (BOX) and $ 149 (TRAY). In 2008-2009, the cost of these chips fully corresponded to their performance level.


Against the background of other representatives of thisfamily of processors, it was the optimal ratio of price and performance that the E8400 boasted. For 183 dollars it was possible to get in a complete set Core 2 Duo E8400. He had a clock speed of 3.0 GHz. More advanced chip labeled E8500 cost 266 dollars, and its frequency was 3.16 GHz.

processor core 2 duo e8400

That is, for an additional 160 MHz, there wasspread out 83 dollars. In other words, the price has grown significantly, but the performance is negligible. Younger representatives of the processors of this family - E8200 and E8190 - cost $ 20 less ($ 163), but here they had a frequency of 2.66 MHz. That is, their price declined slightly, but the performance is significant. That is why most users and chose the E8400. It is these nuances that indicate the majority of user reviews. In the rest it is an excellent CPU for its time. Which, in addition, could still boast of excellent overclocking potential.


A great processor solution for your timeis the Core 2 Duo E8400. He and the price was quite democratic, and the level of performance is quite good. And its overclocking capability allows even now to run on it most of the existing software (albeit with far from the maximum settings). All this characterizes Intel's products only from a good side: you buy an average solution - and the next 5-7 years for the performance of your computer can not be worried.

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