Almost every computer game is availablecheats that you can use under certain conditions. In some projects, the codes are public, and you just need to find them on the web and enter them during the game, but in others it will be much more difficult to achieve this. There are also games in which you are unlikely to find many codes, since their number is very much limited by the developers - this is exactly what the "Stalker" series refers to. Naturally, you can go a little deeper into the theme of these games, take the bar higher and change the game files, with which you will get much more extensive opportunities, but it's not exactly cheats. And to do it is quite dangerous, because any changes in game files can lead to unpleasant consequences. From this article you will learn the code for immortality for "Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl", as well as some other cheats that are available to absolutely everyone.

How to enter codes?

Immortality for the stalker of the shadow of Chernobyl

As in any other computer game, here you arefirst you need to find out exactly how to enter cheats, and then you can already pay attention to specific options, such as the code for immortality for "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl." In fact, everything is pretty simple, since cheats are introduced through the game console, which you do not even have to activate or search for. It is active initially and is called by the standard "tilde" button. Moreover, if you wish, you can change the button by yourself, by clicking on which the console line will appear in the game settings. That's the whole simple process that you have to do to get the opportunity to enter cheats, including the code for immortality for "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl", which will be discussed later.

Cheat for immortality

Immortality for a stalker pure sky

If you want to get yourself immortality for"Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl", then you will need to call the game console - as it's done, described in detail above. After that you will need to register a short code god, and then press the Enter key - after that your character will become completely immune to the damage caused by all types of attacks. So you will receive immortality. However, there are other, more interesting options. For example, you can use the ability to modify game files and change the resistance there to all types of damage to the maximum. Moreover, you can download a special trainer that will make your character not only immortal, but also incredibly rich, hung with a huge amount of weapons and so on. As you understand, immortality for "Stalker: Clear Sky" is extracted about the same.

Endless Running

immortality on the stalker shadow of Chernobyl

Another code that is guaranteed to bework, gives you the opportunity to run without stopping, without losing your stamina. It is clear that immortality on "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl" is the most important and indispensable code, but it is worth noting that running can sometimes save your life or ease the task before you. To activate it, you need to call the console and register the g_always_run code there - after this code the numeric value 1 or 0 should follow. If you select the first option, the code turns on, and if the second one is turned off. As with the code for immortality, for "Stalker: Clear Sky," the code for an endless run is included similarly.

Activating game content

There is also one small cheat that allowsyou unlock bonus game content that is not available to you, if you received a partial version of the game or downloaded pirates. Whichever version you have, you need to open the folder with the game and find there the setup-bp file, which can be launched by double-clicking the mouse. You will be asked to fill in the fields to unlock the two parts of the bonuses. In the first field you need to enter the word pseudodog, and in the second - snork. After that you will get full access to both bonuses.

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