When you play team shooters, you,most likely, always want to know who is in your team, as well as against whom to fight. However, it is impossible to do this simply because any fiction is often hidden behind a fictitious name. Fortunately, in most shooters, systems of ranks are implemented, according to which opponents are determined. This is called matchmaking - in the process of action, teammates and opponents of approximately the same level are selected for you. It is for this that there is a system of ranks. In "Warfyus" their number does not stand still, but is constantly growing. Until quite recently there were sixty, but then they introduced ten more ranks. Another 10 are also planned for the near future. What are the titles in Warfyus in order?

Initial titles

rank in order in order

Ranks in "Warfyus" in order there is no senselist, as there are a lot of them. However, it is worthwhile to tell some details about them, for example, for inexperienced players to allocate the initial titles to which they should pay attention.

Every gamer, when he creates his account,gets the rank of recruit - it is given automatically. Only here the following titles will have to be won, gaining experience in battles. For example, to become a junior recruit, you will need to score 700 experience points, and to get rid of the "junior" prefix - already 1400 units of experience.

However, do not think that the amount of experiencewill grow only twice - this is far from the case. You will receive the title of senior recruit through a thousand more units of experience, and the first class recruit - through one and a half thousand. You will become a soldier when you have already 5800 points on the account. As you can see, the titles in Warfyus follow one after the other in order and are connected both by logic and by the amount of experience necessary to obtain them.

Further titles

 titles in the warfare in order of photo

As it was said before, to list the titles in"Warfyce" in order is meaningless, since there are a lot of them. But we can identify the main groups, which include several ranks at once. For example, a private soldier follows the soldier, who has four different subspecies. Then follow five ranks of a specialist, after which you can already become a corporal and even a commander of the link.

If you have attained sergeant, then youwill have to wait a very long time, when the title will change, since it has the most subspecies - as many as ten pieces. And if you still consider the following titles of the sergeant-major and the commands-sergeant-major, then it turns out and do twelve. Then everything goes like in reality in the army - you will become a major, a captain, and a lieutenant, and each time you have to go through several stages of each of the ranks.

The fiftieth rank is Colonel, after which youalready grow only to the general (and his varieties). The final title in the original game is the sixtieth - Warfyus. To get it, you need six million units of experience.

So you found out briefly in "Warfyce" in order. Photo next to each of the titles will allow you to quickly navigate, with whom you will play in one team and who to resist.

New titles

titles in warfare in order and the amount of experience

As already mentioned, sixty titleswas in the original version of the game, but then added new ranks. So now you have the opportunity to learn new titles in "Warfyus" in order and the amount of experience needed to obtain them.

Everything begins with the lieutenant of the detachment "Immortals"and 6568200 units of experience for its receipt, and ends with the marshal of the same detachment. To get the seventieth rank, you will need to gain an incredible amount of experience - 11.682 million units.

It's not over yet

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that withthe appearance of the supplement "Gods of War" is preparing and new titles that will correspond to the previous ten - only the name of the detachment will change. The amount of experience for obtaining them has not yet been determined.

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