Unfortunately, although the iTunes program is consideredone of the most versatile tools for synchronizing "apple" devices with computer systems, in Windows (and any modification), you can often see the emergence of conflicts. The program may not work correctly or not work at all. In the simplest case, it needs to be reinstalled or updated. But beforehand, the application should be uninstalled. That's where the problem arises of how to completely remove "Atyuns" from the computer. It would seem that everything is simple, but no. It is necessary to take into account several points, without knowledge of which the complete removal of the application will not be possible.

How to completely remove "Atyuns" from the computer: what should I look for before deleting?

Before you start uninstalling, you need toclearly understand that when installing the distribution there were a few additional utilities that were installed into the system automatically without user intervention.

how to completely uninstall the computer from your computer

Proceeding from this, it is not difficult to guess that oneonly the removal of the main application (iTunes) is not limited to. In addition, the problem of how to remove iTunes from a Windows computer has the reverse side of the coin. The point is that even after uninstalling all installed components, unnecessary files and folders remain in the system, which are ordinary computer garbage. It is connected both with the iTunes uninstaller itself, and with a similar Windows service (they do not simply delete the residual objects).

How do I uninstall iTunes from a computer? Windows 7: standard procedure

So, with knowledge, you can start uninstalling. At the first stage the problem of how to completely remove "Atyuns" from a computer is reduced to a completely standard procedure.

how to remove itunes from your windows computer

To begin with, use the program section andcomponents, located in the Control Panel, where in the list of installed applications, in addition to the program iTunes, you need to find additional Bonjour, Restore, Mobile Device Support (developer Apple Inc.), Application Support (Apple) and Apple Software Update. There is also a media platform Quick Time. It can be left, since this support can be useful in the future.

In principle, all programs in the list will beare located nearby. If this is not the case, you can sort the installed applications by publisher or by installation date. Next, you just need to remove all components using the standard tool.

Residual objects

The next step is to remove the remaining garbage. First of all, you should pay attention to the Program Files directory. In it, you need to remove the Bonjour, iPod and iTunes directories with all the content.

Next, in the same directory, go to the folderCommonFiles, find the Apple folder in it and delete the CoreFP, Apple Application Support and Mobile Device Support directories. You can try to initially delete the entire Apple folder, but usually this does not give an effect. In addition, in addition to the specified directories, there may be other elements used by the Windows-system and those not connected with iTunes in any way.

how to remove itunes from your computer windows 7

There is one more element - the so-called library- the folder in which the user's multimedia files reside. The issue of its removal remains exclusively for the user (usually the directory is located in the "Music" directory of the corresponding account that is active at the moment.

Additional tools for uninstalling

Finally, to solve the problem of how completelyto remove "Aytiuns" from the computer in a simpler way, you can use special uninstalling utilities that work much better than your own system tool or similar built-in Apple tool (iObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, etc.).

how to completely uninstall the computer from your computer

Such programs are good in that they allowMultiple selection of items to be deleted automatically find and delete the remaining files, folders and registry entries. In some cases, you do not even need to mark all applications associated with iTunes. It is enough to start uninstalling the desired application, and all the others will be "hooked up" automatically. In both cases, at the end of the deletion, you must perform a full system restart.

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