Today we will answer a number of questions related to thethe cpi file format: what it is, with what applications it can be opened, what functions these files perform, what they are used for. About everything in order.

Operating System Assistant

cpi what is this
On the main question about the cpi format - what is it,there are two answers at once, depending on where you met the file with this extension. First of all, the so-called files containing information about code pages. The developer of this type of material was Microsoft Corporation. It's about executable system files. Typically, these files have information on the layout of the keyboard, displaying it on the display. They also store standard fonts and symbols. At the same time, this information can be changed based on the language used at the moment. The operating system Windows uses such files, opening them independently.

Video material

Files associated with video receivedsimilar expansion, but not related to the direct relationship described above. This is the information files AVCHD. The developer of this solution were the companies Panasonic and Sony. In this case, the * .cpi extension most often carries certain information about the high-definition video file, has metadata describing the AVCHD video stream, such as the number of frames displayed per second, and the frame rate. This can contain additional information. As a rule, CPI-files are in the catalogs CLIPINF, BDMV or AVCHD digital video recording of high quality. As already mentioned, the AVCHD format was developed in partnership with Sony and Panasonic in 2006 specifically for use in digital video cameras.


cpi than to open
An equally important question is often asked about the formatcpi: than to open such files, when it comes to video information? Adobe Premiere can easily handle this task. The software package was created by Adobe. It happened a long time ago. To date, it has become a standard in the field of nonlinear video editing. A huge list of differences from other options has a special edition of the Pro program. Pleases the elegant interface of the program, which even allows you to create your own unique keyboard shortcuts, as well as set the brightness separately for each window. In addition, the following software solutions are ideal for working with such material: Pinnacle Studio, Premiere Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector, Roxio Creator. So we sorted out the main questions about the cpi format: what are these files and how to work with them.

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