If you can not perform the recovery of Windows XP without reinstalling, then this article is just for you. Next, various methods will be described, which make it possible to make this "operation" without losses.

How to repair Windows XP without reinstalling: Option 1

First you need to try the standard and fastway to restore the operating system. Try to boot in safe mode. Turn on the computer. After the BIOS is loaded and the information from the mother card is displayed, you need to press the F8 key.

Next, a list of various options will be offereddownloads. Choose "safe mode". There are two possible versions of the events: the system booted and did not boot. If you managed to run it, then do not be frightened by what you see. In this mode, only the main things are loaded. The screen resolution will be approximately 800 to 600. Everything will look unattractive, since the drivers from your video card will not work in full mode or will not function at all.

Go to the "Start" menu. Then click "All Programs", "Standard", "Service". And, finally, select the "System Restore" utility.

The system prompts you to select a recovery point. If there is none, then this method will not help you. That's why, periodically you need to create data recovery points.

How to repair Windows XP without reinstalling: Option 2

If you can still boot, but the pointsthere is no recovery, then you need to try to restore the files using a CD with the distribution of Windows XP (exactly the same assembly that you have installed) and one special built-in mini-utility.

To run it, open the dialog box"Run". Click on the keyboard "Windows" + R. We insert the disk and then enter "sfc / scannow". As a result, all your corrupted or missing files will be recreated.

How to repair Windows XP without reinstalling: Option 3

If your OS does not boot, then some boot files are corrupted. We should try to revive them. You can do this using the command line.

Boot from the disk. In BIOS, we set up the first boot device for the drive or press F2 when the system boots. It happens that and f12. Depends on the version of BIOS. There will be a key and a Boot menu.

After you vyokazhetes in the console, you cantry reanimating the boot.ini file using the Bootcfg command. If you find it difficult to use it, type Bootcfg / ?, and then you get help on this function.

If the NTLDR file was corrupted, which is responsible for the download, then you need to use the fixboot command.

If there is a problem with the hard drive, chkdsk will come to your rescue.

How to repair Windows XP without reinstalling: last chance

If everything is bad, then you can not start the computer. Due to the fact that the system can not work, you can not use the "sfc" utility. But there is another way.

We again need a CD with "Windo". We go in the installation. Do not be scared at once, because it's about restoring the OS without reinstalling.

We accept the agreement and so on. Next, the installer will scan the hard drive for other operating systems. If your old Windows is found (it will not be determined only if the programs on the disk and on the computer are different), then you will be offered to install a new copy or restore the old one.

What will happen in this case? You will overwrite all data from the Windows folder, as well as those system files that are located in the root directory. That is, all the most necessary and necessary for the stable functioning and operation of the system will be in perfect order.

In addition, you will not change the folder withprograms, a desktop and other. This is very convenient, but takes up the same amount of time as the installation, if you do not take into account the time to install the software, drivers and other things.

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