It would seem that it can be difficult todelete the folder from the hard drive ?! Owners of computers that have a baby at home, know very well that even a kid can easily erase files and folders by accidentally pressing the Del button. Indeed, everything is as it is about the ordinary directory, and not the system folder with the Windows operating system. However, in order to understand the importance of this issue, how to delete the Windows folder, it is easy enough to view the topics of many forums. Users want to know why Microsoft deprived them of the simplest - the ability to delete files from their own hard drive. Today we will talk about this in this article. After reading it to the end, any user can easily and easily delete the Windows folder. In fact, the complexity is only apparent.

First of all, we should note that it is not worth tryingUnderstand how to delete a Windows folder by putting experiments on your running system. If on the hard drive there is only one operating system, then, having loaded into it, it is useless to try to delete it. At best, nothing happens thanks to the mechanism for protecting important system files, and at worst - you have to prepare a disk with the distribution and reinstall everything. The question of how to delete a Windows folder is relevant in several cases:

- the user has several systems, and it is necessary to erase the auxiliary system, and not the one in which the download occurs;

- The operating system has been reinstalled.

Most often there is a second case. For example, you do not need to go far: just yesterday, because of the virus, my Windows system stopped loading. The case is clear - you need to reinstall. But what about the old Windows folder? Here are two solutions:

- without much hesitation, we begin the installation withdisk-distribution. The installer simply migrates all the old system folders to Windows.old. Then you just need to restore the necessary files. The mechanism is worthy of any praises. Who worked with previous versions, knows how "convenient" it was when the installer replaced all old files with new ones, or, even better, offered to install in a directory with a different name. Now you can not worry about how to delete the Windows 7 folder, because Microsoft offered a really good solution;

- we load into a simplified WinPE system from a previously prepared disk or flash drive and remove Windows from the familiar environment. WinPE can be downloaded from any torrent tracker, usually a LiveCD assembly.

If everything is so simple, then why is it oftenthe question is how to delete the Windows folder? In 90% of cases, it's all about the access rights to the folder. Here the user booted into the LiveCD (or reinstalled Windows) and opened the explorer. Here it is - the old Windows folder. Trying to delete ... and nothing, some files are not deleted. The solution is simple:

- move the folder (old Windows or Windows.old) to an arbitrary directory, for example, "1111". Usually this removes the lock from many files. We try to wash. If not, then take the next step;

- first erase all the subfolders in Windows. Most of them will retire without problems. Thus, we define a locked file. We transfer it to the root directory and try to erase it. The system has difficulties with deleting files from too many attachments and, if the file is in the Nth subfolder, it can be blocked by the designated file system restrictions. Rooting sometimes solves the problem;

- The cardinal way. In general, you can immediately start with it, but knowing the extra features is never superfluous. We call the properties of the selected folder. On the Security tab, click Advanced. We need to assign ourselves as the owner (the owner of the folder). Following the "Owner" tab and clicking "Change", we specify ourselves, at the bottom do not forget to tick (subcontainers and objects). We apply. That's all, now the problem folder will be deleted by the usual way - a conductor or a shell, like the Total Commander (depending on who got used to what).

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