Many users tend to personalizetheir operating systems. Everybody wants to be unique and non-standard. This leads to the fact that some may want to change the welcome screen of the boot for Windows 7. How to do this? We offer you three different ways.


This program can be used to replace system images. For example, to change the boot screen for Windows 7. Download it from the Internet and install it on your computer.

download screen for windows 7

So that the program can use the image andset it as wallpaper, you will have to first resize the picture. The file size should not exceed 256 KB. In extreme cases, you can always change it using the banal "Paint" a. "Simply open the picture and click in the top panel" Resize. "Reduce the picture in percentage until it reaches the desired size.

After you pick up the image,run the program and click Change Logon Screen. After that, select the prepared image. To see the result, you can click the "Test" button in the program itself.

Windows 7 Logon Background Change

Another convenient program forchange the boot screen of Windows 7, but compared to the previous one it has much more functionality. For example, a huge plus is that it "fits" the image to fit a suitable size, and also demonstrates the result of the work.

You can download a portable version that does not requireinstallation. After that, collect all candidate pictures in one folder. After launching the program, click "Select folder" and specify the path. Now the program will give you a choice among all the pictures that are located along the specified path.


The last way to change the download screen forWindows 7 is to get yourself into the registry of your operating system. This method is highly recommended to be used only by those who understand what is at stake, and communicates with the computer on "you".

Click the "Start" button. In the search bar, type "regedit" without quotes. After that, the registry control window opens before you.

The first thing we are interested in is the sectionHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Right-click on it and select "Find". Remove all the check boxes in the search settings, except for "parameter names", and enter "OEMbackground".

After the search procedure has passed,the necessary branch of the registry will be opened. Choose the option that we were looking for, click on it with a double click of the mouse. Its value must be set to "1". If it is not so, then change it.

change boot screen windows 7

Now open "My Computer" and go todirectory "C: WindowsSystem32Oobe". Create a folder with the name "info", and in it a subfolder "backgrounds". However, in some assemblies, it is so. Now we take the picture we need and place it in this folder under the name "backgroundDefault.jpg", if necessary, replacing the old image (if you think you want to go back to the old desktop theme, better save it). All, now when you restart the boot screen for Windows 7 should change.

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