Devices that are runningoperating system Android, released relatively recently, have a very wide functionality. Nevertheless, there is a similarity with older devices. A key feature of all gadgets is the ability to read electronic books. As you can read books on Android, fortunately, regardless of the OS version, the size (diagonal) of the screen and the capacity of the battery, today we will talk about how to do it. It's easy to notice that reading is much easier on a tablet screen than a smartphone, but it's possible everywhere. And especially if you correctly choose "reading room", then you can read for a long time and with pleasure.

how to read books on android

FBReader is one of the most convenient, practical andpopular programs designed to read books on Android. The biggest advantage is that it "eats" almost all existing book formats with ease. Fb2, epub, mobi, zip,, doc, txt - they are all "to the teeth". This utility is very flexible in the settings, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, change the background color / picture, turn day mode on by day, and night - at night, lying in bed, adjust the font's font and size, and much more.

You can open both books that are located locally on the memory card / in the phone's memory, or files that are on the Internet.

Installing this program does not require largeefforts. In the same program, you can "Open a library". Of course, you can open a file that is located anywhere in the file system, but by default the / sdcard / Books folder opens, so we recommend that you throw the downloaded books there, then everything will be "centralized".

e-book on android
Cool Reader Is not just an excellent application. It is considered the best in its kind, despite the huge number of competitors. Cool Reader contains all the options that, in principle, may be necessary for an ordinary user, even the most whimsical. For example, automatic paging of pages for the most comfortable use, beautiful animation of this paging, night and day modes, support for all formats of electronic books.

The default background is set to "woody" theme, which is very nice for the eyes and for the soul. If you know how to read books on Android, then use this program is very convenient.

VuDroid will launch even on the oldest version of Android OS. While many developers are guided by the main part of the market: users with the latest phones and operating systems.

The program has many useful functions,such as, for example, reading files in the formats DJVU and PDF. The work is very fast, you do not have to wait, but, unfortunately, there is no automatic page turning function. Actually, now it seems that the question of how to read books on Android is exhausted, but that's not all.

Where to borrow books?

read books on android
If you are determined by what you will beread, and even know what kind of literature you like, it remains to understand where to download books. In this case, you can buy licensed literature for money or download for free on pirated sites, it all depends on you, your desires and possibilities. Licensed books are not difficult to find, and pirated options are enough.

E-book on Android

It would be desirable to notice, that during reading onTFT-screen, which is installed on all modern smartphones and tablets, can get tired eyes, so we recommend to buy Nook Simple Touch - an e-book on Android.

After reading this article, you understand how to readbooks on Android with pleasure. You can safely go for applications. The main thing to remember is that the electronic book on Android should be read pleasantly, conveniently and with interest.

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