Today we will talk about how to opencorrupted Word (file). We will also discuss ways to detect various problems in documents of this type. The material will be useful for beginning users of personal computers, as well as for those who already have experience in communicating with a PC.

We check the correctness of work

how to open a corrupted word file
If you are interested in the question of how to opendamaged Word (file), then you should know that often the damaged materials behave extremely unexpectedly. Note that the problem can happen not only in the document, but also in the template on which it is based. Next, we will discuss some types of damage. You may encounter multiple renumbering of existing material pages. There may be gaps in the document. Formatting and structure can also be violated. Sometimes unreadable characters appear on the screen. There may be errors in the processing of data. When the file is opened, the computer may hang.

We analyze the work of other documents and programs

how to open a corrupted word docx file
Before proceeding to the solution of the question of howopen corrupted Word (file), we need to perform a number of important actions. We check whether such problems are observed when processing other documents. If this is the case, the corruption should be searched not in the document, but in the Microsoft Office suite and the operating system.

Change the template used by the document

How to open a damaged Word file? There are several methods that should be selected based on the severity of the problem. So, define the template used by the document. We try to open the corrupted document by means of Word application. We press the "Microsoft Office" button, select the "Options" item. Choose "Add-ons". Then in the window called "Management" click "Templates". Press the "Go" button. A list of document templates will appear in the next window. If you use the Normal.dotm attribute, you must rename it. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, follow these steps: Close the Word application. We press the button "Start". Then in the "Search" column, enter the templates command and press the "Enter" key. Right-click on the file Normal.dotm, select the command "Rename". Enter the name Oldword.old, press the "Enter" key. We close the conductor. Run the Word application, open the document.

Change the document template

how to open a damaged word file
The next step is to address the issue of howopen a damaged Word file (docx), you must go back to the "Parameters". We press the button "Add-ins". Then in the list under the name "Management" we select "Templates", click "Go". We use the function "Attach". In the Templates directory, select Normal.dotm, then click the Open button. Click "OK". Close the Word application, check the template change.

After that, start the Word application again. Again go to the "Options". Specify the damaged document, select the function "Open". If the error repeats, start Word with the original parameters. To do this, you should use a command-line element of this type: / a. It allows you to clean Word from add-ons and disable the Normal.dotm template. So, restart the document using / a. Close the Word application. Press the "Start" button. In the "Start Search" box, type winword.exe, then use the "Enter" key. Open the document.

If the situation has not changed, you should changeprinter drivers. In Windows for this there is a special tool. It is called "Add Printer". So, we press "Start", we select the function "Printers". Proceed to the next step. Click "Add Printer". A new window will open. We use the function of adding a local printer. We ask the system to apply the existing port, click the "Next" button. As the manufacturer, specify Microsoft. Now you know how to open a corrupt Word (file).

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