If you look at the game universe"Skyrim", you can understand how much it is thought out. The developers have provided many nuances that make the product an indirect reflection of real life. Only with the presence of magic and the corresponding ingredients. One of them, widely known both among players and in the universe itself, is lunar sugar. About this substance created a lot of jokes.

What is lunar sugar?

If we refer to the structure of matter, this is the usualgranular powder, which includes small white crystals, extracted from sugar cane. It grows along the banks of the Elsweyr rivers, as well as in their deltas, that is, in places saturated with moisture. At home, lunar sugar is used as a spice, but the alchemists have discovered very useful magical properties of the ingredient. The substance has not only a positive impact on the life of the character, it is also a potent drug and is banned throughout Tamriel.

lunar sugar


Moon sugar has several commonmethods of application. Khajiit refers to it as a substance of religious significance, with the help of which they communicate with the moons, and also spice up most of the prepared dishes. Representatives of other nations are interested in him as a unique ingredient for creating magical potions, wizards are ready to pay out for lunar sugar good money. To criminal groups, the substance serves as a source of income (from the sale of narcotic substances), besides, it is the main ingredient for boiling the scum - another, more dangerous poison. Many interesting things exist in the game "Skyrim". The code "Moon sugar" allows players to get the ingredient without spending a lot of time searching for it. It is enough to enter into the console: player.additem 000D8E3F "quantity".

skyrim code moon sugar

Influence on the body

Moon sugar has several effects,the strongest of them - pain relief and sleeping pills, they turn the character into a so-called happy fool. Some races, for example people, are strongly influenced by the substance, it introduces them into a state of euphoria, and then completely exhausts, leaving only the desire to try again. Khajiit are more resistant to the narcotic effects of lunar sugar, since they are often consumed in small quantities, but they, too, are attracted to the bad influence of this product, obtained from reeds. Cote-like creatures in general are very funny.

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