Most users of moderncomputer systems one way or another encounters files that have the extension. html, not always thinking about what they are. About how to open an HTML file on the computer, now it will be discussed.

What is an HTML file?

In general, each of us sees such filesalmost every day, working on the Internet. They are nothing more than standard web pages created using hypertext markup based on the same programming language.

how to open html file

Actually, the very question of how to open a fileHTML, it comes down to only viewing its contents in the corresponding program. Many people can ask about which application to use. There is nothing easier, than to look through contents in the most usual Internet browser.

How to open an HTML file in a browser?

Because the files in this format areweb pages (published or stored on the computer), in the simplest form, double-clicking on the file will open it using the Internet browser installed in the system by default.

If an additional solution is requiredon how to open an HTML file using other tools, you will need to use the right-click menu, in which you need to select a different browser or a different program from it (the "Open with ..." line). With applications, too, everything is simple.

How to open an HTML file: using text editors

Viewing the contents of files of this format can be done with the help of the most ordinary "Notepad", but it is better, of course, to apply to office packages.

how to open an html file in a browser

Few of the users noticed that in the sameWord editor, which is part of the stationary office suite, there is HTML support even in the form of the format proposed for saving. And it is in it you can easily create a primitive web page within a couple of minutes.

How to open an HTML file in Word? As easy as pie! You either need to select the corresponding application from the context menu or use the file menu of the program itself with the call to the object's opening line. The easiest way is to use the Ctrl + O key combination, then set the required format in the format selection line and use the Browse button to search for the desired file.

Specialized means

But browsers and text editors are the mostsimple and primitive means of viewing HTML-pages. If you want to perform not only viewing, but also use editing tools for this, it's better to turn to professional utilities designed for web programming.

how to open an html file on your computer

Among the most famous HTML-editors you cannote Sublime Text, Aptana Studio, Notepad ++, Macromedia Dreamweaver, RJ TextEd, KompoZer, Comodo Edit, Vim, Fraise, PSPad and many others. In their environment programming in HTML looks so simple that even any unprepared user can cope with creating his own page, written by means of hypertext markup, quite simply. In general, by and large, you can open files of this format in any program that supports HTML.

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