Quite often, users find themselveson digital devices files with unknown or unknown extensions. And it does not matter what it is about, whether it's a phone, a tablet, a camera, a laptop or a stationary computer. When this happens, do not panic: it's not a fact that your gadget has a virus. Perhaps it's much easier. Today we will tell you what to open GPX-files and where they can take on your device.


Do you like to read? Fiction, newspapers, magazines? If so, then most likely you use an e-book. The GPX format is a text XML file that is supported only in similar devices. He is responsible for copyright protection for articles and publications in electronic form, which are distributed over the Internet.

than to open gpx

Music lovers

For those who prefer reading music,there is another option than opening the GPX. If you write music, then most likely, you use the well-known program Guitar PRO 6. It is this version, because in earlier versions the files of this format are not supported.

What do they contain? Unfortunately, you can not open them with music players. Files of this type contain scores, notes and instruments. However, you can always convert GPX to a more suitable format with the help of special utilities. As a result, you get a GP5 or AMV, but you can already listen to them.


So, let's say you found yourself on a gadgetfile GPX. Than to open? In this format, data from the GPS navigator-the coordinates of the terrain-are also usually stored. Based on this, we can say with confidence that such files can be found on almost any gadget with built-in navigator. So, than to open GPX?

  • On computers running Windows, everything is simple. Here, perhaps, the most popular program - Google Earth will help us.
  • For owners of "mackintosh" there is also good news. You can open GPX with the help of a long-established program - Mekraator. The same applies to platforms of the Linux family.
  • For those who found GPX on "Android", we can recommend a simple utility GPX viewer. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

gpx file than open


And finally, before deciding what to openGPX, make sure you have at least one of the above programs. If this is not the case, then please check this file with an antivirus program for your own safety and comfort of conscience, because intruders can disguise the malicious program for any type of file.

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