Fortunately, the gloomy times of dial-up "a long time agohave passed. Yes, only our Internet providers do not know about this, so users often have to deal with monstrously slow loading of pages.

turbo mode in opera
To cope with this problem will help the regime "Turbo" in the Opera. If you do not understand, it's about the browser.

Opera Turbo is a special technology thatallows several times to compress the flow of data passing through the browser. "Turbo" is based on the fact that all traffic arrives at the user's computer not directly, but is pre-compressed on the servers of the Norwegian company.

The compression ratio reaches 80%. It is believed that the Turbo mode in the Opera helps significantly save traffic. This is especially true for users who actively use USB-modems.

The difference between such a regime and other technologies is,that it allows you to compress pages without distorting HTML markup. Note that the Flash, JavaScript, and AJAX objects can not be compressed. Therefore, with respect to Java-sites technology is powerless.

Thus, on Java-sites the mode "Turbo" inThe opera will not help you in the slightest degree. In addition, encrypted traffic does not change in any way. In simple terms, your confidential data comes directly to you, bypassing the server of the company.

opera turbo mode how to turn on
Note that this mode can be usedas the simplest substitute for a proxy server. The fact is that the compression of data is due to the technology of Opera Web Optimization Proxy, already by the name of which you can understand a lot.

All requests from the browser to the network go through a server that is located outside of our country, and therefore its owners are not bound by any legal prohibitions.

Simply put, the Turbo mode in the Opera allows anonymous access to some network resources. This is especially true in those countries that actively use network censorship.

By the way, how does such a useful option turn on? To enable it, you need to find the "Settings" item in the general menu of the browser, find the sub-item "General settings". All this mess can be avoided simply by pressing Ctrl + F12.

You should go to the "Web Pages" tab,find the "Turbo Mode" item, and then activate the "Enabled" option in the drop-down list. As a result, Opera browser, "Turbo" mode (how to include, we reviewed) which is such a multifaceted tool, makes it possible to visit blocked sites in our country.

where in the opera mode turbo
By the way, there is no need to include "Turbo"in such a complicated way. In the lower left corner of the browser window there is an icon in the form of a speedometer. Click on it and select the "Enabled" mode. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the settings of the mode, if necessary, by activating them. After that, click on "OK".

But there is this wonderful option, onea significant drawback. The point is that the images on the page greatly deteriorate their quality. If you want to view a photo without looking at the cubes, just right-click on it by selecting "Reboot in Original Quality" in the context menu.

So you found out about the Turbo mode in the Opera. As you can see, it can be used at once in several qualities.

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