Today, Chinese phones are very popularAndroid. Due to their low price, they enjoy a good demand. And this is not hindered even by the lame quality of these devices. But if we talk about how configure the Internet on Android, then there is no difference between popular brands and Chinese brands.

how to set up the internet on android

Those who are faced with the need for customizationfor the first time, there are often some problems. In the first case, access is completely absent. In the second version, the device performed an independent installation, after which the mobile account is started to charge for GPRS traffic, and the user may notice this not immediately. He will think that the settings are correct and continue to actively use the resources of the World Wide Web, increasing with each click their costs.

In order to prevent this, you mustBe aware of how to set up the Internet on Android. Therefore, below I give a detailed instruction for those who can not do it themselves. In fact, nothing supernatural is such a configuration. The Internet on Android will easily become accessible and manageable. It is just necessary to observe certain conditions and recommendations.

First of all, you should take care of that,that in your device necessarily there was any sim card. Next, make sure that the date and time in the phone are displayed correctly. If the available indicators are not true, correct this shortcoming. Now directly on how to set up the Internet on Android.

Chinese phones on android

Open the menu of your product and choose in ititem settings. Next, you need to find and start the wireless network section. Pay attention to the tab that will be responsible for the SIM card intended for the information connection. You must either deny access to the Internet, or assign the necessary SIM.

As for roaming settings, theymean the permission or prohibition of connection for the purpose of data transmission in foreign networks. This is not true for all subscribers, but only for those who can switch from 3G to GPRS of another national operator. But if it is a question of foreign use, then it is necessary to adjust this parameter to all comers. Do not forget that in roaming charges for traffic will be much higher.

setting up the internet on android

Defined with a SIM card and return to ourwireless networks. Choose a mobile connection where the main settings are located. These include manual network selection, setting up your access point, and managing connections for roaming. We need to configure the last two parameters. First, go to the access point tab. There can be set automatic parameters, but if they are not, add your own. In order to find out what settings you need, contact your mobile operator's support department or go to the company's official website.

When you enter all this, save the settings andtry to go online. If the connection was successful, try opening several sites. If you want to use wireless communication, then after visiting the sites, check your balance. Now you know how to set up the Internet on Android.

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