A large number of usersWindows-systems pays attention to the folder AppData. This is especially true when installing programs and applications. Let's see what data is stored in it, and how to find the AppData folder in different versions of Windows. In passing, we will consider the question related to some actions on this object (moving or deleting).

What is stored in the AppData folder?

In general, before you figure out how to find the AppData folder, you need to decide what it is intended for, and what objects are stored in it.

how to find the appdata folder

In fact, this directory issystem and is designed to store information about all installed in the system applications pertaining to each registered user. It has three main objects in the form of folders: Roaming, LocalLow and Local.

Proceeding from the fact that the directory itself is tied toand the question of how to find the AppData folder on Windows 8 or some other modification, for example, boils down to looking at the Users directory, which is available on any system in the root directory of the drive that was originally created the operating system has been installed. But! Just so you can not get to it.

How to find the AppData folder if it is not visible on the system: general recommendations

So, let us consider the most basic question connected withwith the fact that in the user directories the catalog itself is not visible. In theory, the folder should be present along the C: Users path. The user name, but for some reason it does not exist. Why? Yes, simply because the object is hidden.

how to find the appdata folder on windows xp

To display it in the directory tree, in thethe standard "Explorer" should go to the service menu, and then on the tab of the object display type, set the displayed option of displaying hidden folders and files. After saving the changes, the AppData directory becomes available for viewing.

Folder search in Windows XP

Now let's look at the problem of how to find the AppData folder on Windows XP. Unfortunately, in different versions of "Windy" the names of this object are different.

how to find the appdata folder on windows 7

If the "seven" is a shortened version (namely,AppData), then in the "directory" the directory has the full name Application Data (from which, in fact, the abbreviation was formed in the future). So, as it is already clear, it is necessary to search for an object with a full name, but located in the location of documents and settings for each user.

How do I find the AppData folder on Windows 7 (8 and 10)?

As for searching in later versions of Windows, starting with the "seven", you need to use the standard method described just above.

That in Windows 7, that in the 8th or 10th versions it has the standard name (AppData), and is located in the Users directory, where all the subfolders with the names of registered users are located.

In principle, you can use the standard search "Explorer", where in the line you should enter the combination% USERPROFILE% AppData and press the Enter key.

Should I delete or move the folder?

How to find the folder Appdata, we sorted out a little. Now a few words about whether it can be renamed, moved or deleted. Very many users look at the required size and just try to clean the system drive, because this directory takes up a lot of space.

Here it is necessary to remember that none of thethe above actions are highly discouraged, because after they are committed, almost all the programs installed in the system in connection with the user will simply stop working. In addition, when trying to apply such actions, the system simply will not allow them to be committed. This is due only to the fact that some objects can be used at the moment. The most simple example is the working antivirus. The system will tell you such a file is now busy, and this will all end.

In principle, you can fool Windu. To do this, for example, in another logical partition, you should create the same folder AppData (or Application Data in the case of Windows XP) and alternately copy all the objects from the desired directory into it.

how to find the appdata folder on windows 8

Now in the system registry you need to change the path toobject. In the HKEY_LOCAL_USER branch, through the Microsoft tree, get to the Shell Folders object. It is there that you need to manually change the access path from the standard one to the new one, specifying the full path such as D: AppData or some other.

After that, you will need to restartcomputer terminal or laptop, and then delete the original folder. True, legitimate doubt causes the expediency of such actions, because no one can give a guarantee that everything will work, so that the object itself AppData, as they say, it is better not to touch. Agree, because the developers of Windows-systems knowingly placed the directory in the place where it is by default.

Copying data and changing registry settingsuseful except in cases where the logical partition after such changes can be completely or partially blocked by the administrator of the computer or the administrator of the network so that the user does not introduce any critical changes in the system settings. However, this option can also be used to free up disk space, but only on condition that less than 10% of the space necessary for Windows to function properly remains on the hard drive.

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