Having played enough in your favorite (and not very)a toy, you need to remove it. Some will say that "Minecraft" does not take up much space and there is nothing terrible in keeping it on the computer, but it is not. By accumulating on the hard disk "garbage", you undermine the operability of the entire operating system.

how to completely remove maincraft from your computer


In fact, it is very important to know how to completelyremove the "Maincraft" from the computer, and any other game or application. The first and main mistake when deleting the game from the computer will be the manual search and sending the "Maincraft" folder to the trash.

Imagine that you have found a folder on your hard disk withgame, clicked it with the right mouse button and clicked "Delete" in the menu that appears. This, of course, will remove the program from the computer. However, there will be a lot of traces of her stay in the system, which will harm her almost more than if you do not touch Mainkraft in principle. If this is indeed the case, then you have two options, how to fix it and how to completely remove "Meincraft" from the computer.

  1. Go to the "Recycle bin" on the desktop. Right-click on the folder with the game and select "Restore." After that, you will be able to remove the game in a normal way, which we will discuss below.
  2. If you have already cleared the basket, then youyou need some third-party programs. Download and install CCleaner on your computer. In any case, you will need it to care for the system. Start and select the "Registry" tab. Do an analysis and click the "Fix" button. The program itself will remove the remnants of "memories" of the "Meincraft" from Windows.

How can I completely remove the maincraft from my computer?

A new version

Now let's look at how to remove "Maincrafter"with a computer completely and correctly. In the latest versions of the game there is a standard uninstaller. How to completely remove "Maincrafter" from the company? There are three standard ways.

  1. From the "Start" menu. Go to "All Programs" and find there folder with the game. Locate the file named "Uninstall" or "Uninstall" and click on it. The game itself will be removed.
  2. With the help of third-party programs. For example, CCleaner. After installation, go to the "Tools" tab. In the "Uninstall programs" list you can find the "Maincraft" you are interested in and delete it.
  3. The last method is how to completely remove"Maincraft" with a computer, it's using built-in tools. Go to "Start" and start "Control Panel". In it you should be interested in the utility "Programs and components." In the list that opens, select "Maincraft" and click "Delete" at the top of the window.

how to remove mainkraft from a computer completely

Older versions

Initially, there was no official "Maincrafter"uninstaller. That is, the game was not built into the system, and she did not really see it. How to completely remove "Maincrafter" from the company in this case? This is also not a problem. Just use the "erroneous" method specified at the very beginning. Uninstall the game folder, and then just clean up the system with utilities.

If, after this, you have a problem with thesystem, and in the list of processes hang those that appeared after you downloaded to the computer "Meinkraft", then this is an occasion to reflect on the fact that your copy of the game was infected with viruses. Remember that "Maynkraft" because of its availability is the ideal breeding ground for a variety of "contagion", made by intruders. In this case, use an antivirus program with updated databases. In 90% of cases, it will remove all traces of Meincraft's stay from the computer.

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