Today we will tell you what the Winmail.dat file is, how to open it and what to use. This element refers to e-mail, or more precisely, to attachments to correspondence.


winmail dat how to open

Many users ask questions about whatis Winmail.dat, how to open such material and how to work with it, since they find letters with such content. Most often the .dat file is not associated with any of the applications installed on the PC. The matter is that this extension, as a rule, is assigned to service materials that do not require direct interaction with the user. But this is a special case. When asked about which program to open Winmail.dat, you can give an unambiguous answer - Microsoft Outlook. Using this application, you solve all problems with the file. Microsoft Outlook automatically processes the specified materials and converts them to the familiar form. If you work with mail directly in the Internet browser, you may experience problems with the specified format.

Winmail.dat file: how to open

how to open winmail dat file

If you do not have Outlook on your PC,or you for some reason do not want to use it, there are other solutions that can help. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Excellent application Winmail Opener, developed by EolSoft.


The above solution is provided free of charge. So, for work move the mouse Winmail.dat in the program window and get the decoded material for further processing. Different interface languages ​​are supported, including Russian.

If you are wondering how to open a fileWinmail.dat on Mac OS X, Letter Letter Opener Lite will help you. Through this solution, the material will be transformed into the standard Mac OS X Mail client. There are several important issues that need to be clarified.

Where do the Winmail.dat files come from?

which program to open winmail dat

When the Outlook client sends an e-a letter using the RTF format, in demand mainly in the Windows environment, all the data about the text formatting (italic, bold) are attached to the message as a separate file, which has the extension winmail.dat. If the recipient's mail client does not know the format of MS-TNEF, it will be impossible to read it without using additional resources. The most inconvenient is the case, when winmail.dat gets electronic spreadsheets, documents and other materials. In this case, there is a situation in which the letter refers to the attachment, but it is impossible to read it. Disable origin in correspondence winmail.dat can only the sender of the letter, having appropriately configured Outlook. It should be forbidden to the program to send letters in the RTF format.

If you are using Outlook 2010, perform a series ofsimple steps. Open the File menu and use the Options command. Go to the Mail section. We find the function Compose Messages. Use the drop-down list. Choose Plain Text or HTML. Scroll down the list of settings. Find the item Rich Text. From the corresponding drop-down list, choose Plain Text or HTML Format. If you use the Russian version of the program, you should go the same way, but in this case everything will be intuitively clear. If the sender follows these instructions, the problem with unrecognized attachments will be resolved.

So we figured out what the file isWinmail.dat, how to open it and for what purposes it is used. In conclusion, let's talk about another program that will help reproduce the material that interests us. It's called Windows Live Mail. This is a free email client from Microsoft, which works with versions of the Vista platform, as well as 8 and 7. By automatically downloading correspondence to a personal computer, you can view the messages when there is no connection to the Web. You can also write the answers, and they will be delivered to the addressees as soon as the Internet access is available.

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