Although, as it is today considered, the operating system"Android" is one of the most popular on mobile devices and offers for installation a huge number of games and programs, many users do not like such a variety, and they try to use Windows-based applications on their gadgets. Naturally, incidentally, the question arises as to how to open the EXE file on "Android", since it is in most cases the key.

What is the EXE format

If anyone does not know the EXE files originallyDeveloped for DOS and Windows, are the main components of programs and applications that contain executable machine code. Today, the usual "executable" can be opened for execution even in the environment of Symbian OS.

how to open an exe file on android

Do not run EXE files on Androidthe simple reason is that the system itself does not recognize the internal code, so it can not run it to run the program. But in fact so it would be desirable sometimes to indulge itself such native Windows-application or an old game under DOS ...

This is where the problem arises of how to open an EXE file on Android. But do not get upset. There is a way out, and very simple.

How to open an EXE file on "Android": the simplest methods

To date, you can solve the problem of executing an executable program in EXE format in at least two ways:

  • use the software emulator;
  • start by means of remote access to a computer with Windows.

Both methods are quite simple. But the first option looks more preferable in the sense that the emulator starts directly on the mobile device, and when the connection is remote, there may be communication failures, delay in the transmission of sound or video, etc., because in most cases the owner of a smartphone or tablet uses a wireless connection Wi-Fi. With a large enough load on the network, problems can not be avoided. But for the sake of completeness of the understanding of the question, let us consider both variants.

Emulator-program for EXE-files

The use of emulating programs is not news, such a boom was observed when trying to launch the games of Sony Playstation consoles in a Windows environment. Here the situation is similar.

Among the most famous utilities are the following:

  • BOCHS;
  • QEMU;
  • DosBox.

The most powerful, in the opinion of many experts, is the utility BOCHS, although it does not allow to run modern Windows systems and is suitable only for light versions of Windows XP and lower.

do not run exe files

Download the installation file Bochs 2_5_1.apk (in the "Play Store" there is no such program) and specify in the settings of the device permission to install from unknown sources.

Then we download the SDL_for_BOCHS, in the root of the memory card create an SDL folder and unpack the archive contents there (BIOS and graphics card drivers). Next, download the Windows image in the IMG format (many recommend using versions 95 or 98). From the image, we need the C.img file, which you need to put in the SDL directory (the Windows image should be there).

Now you just need to run the utility, andThe question of how to open the EXE file on the "Android", disappears by itself. Working with the cursor on mobile devices is the same as on the usual laptop touchpad.

Remote Access Tools

Another solution is to install an RDP client. To run EXE files on your mobile device, the Chrome Remote Desktop utility is great.

program for exe files

The program is pre-installed onthe parent machine with the mandatory installation of the Google Chrome browser, and then installs the same client on the mobile gadget (it can be downloaded in the Play Store). In the main program on the computer, you need to set the initial settings, then start the remote access client both on the terminal and on the smartphone (tablet). With the correct settings, the device screen will display what is currently visible on the computer screen or laptop. Control is exactly the same as on a laptop.

True, use smart phones with small screensIt is not recommended, because the image will have to be constantly stretched to enlarge. But on the tablets with a screen diagonal of about 7-10 inches, you can work without much discomfort.

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