Many users who used toto work on computer terminals Microsoft Windows XP, in the transition to the "seven" faced with many innovations. This involved not only the settings or capabilities of the system, but also the appearance of new incomprehensible directories. One of them is PerfLogs. What is the folder in front of us? This we will try to find out. At the same time we briefly consider the question of why it is needed in the system and what data it contains.

PerfLogs: what's the folder?

First of all, let's note that this directoryappeared in versions of Windows, starting with the seventh modification, and is currently present in later versions. Let's look at the catalog itself with the incomprehensible name PerfLogs. What is the folder in the system? This is not difficult to understand, if we deal with deciphering and translating the abbreviation.

perflogs what kind of folder

In principle, interpret the name of the catalognot difficult. Log is a journal or a diary, and Perf is a reduction from Performance, which can be treated as "design", "performance". From here it is easy to draw a conclusion about what the PerfLogs folder is for - to store the performance reports of the computer system.

Where is the PerfLogs directory located?

As for the location of this directory, for sure many users paid attention that, as a rule, it is located directly on the system disk.

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Its role is played by the "C" drive, but if Microsoft Windows 7, for example, was installed in another partition (virtual volume), then this directory should be searched there.

What data does the PerfLogs directory contain?

As already mentioned, files are placed in this folderlog report on system performance. However, here it is worth making one small clarification. The fact is that initially by default the directory is empty. Windows files and folders containing log information appear there only after the user has performed any performance tests. It is not difficult to imagine that in the case of frequent carrying out of a large number of checks in this catalog there will be a sufficiently large amount of information that can take up a lot of space. But about that a little later.

Analysis of system performance

So, before us is the PerfLogs directory. What kind of folder is considered in this case, I think, is already a little clear. Now let's see how the data contained in it can be reproduced, so to speak, in a normal form, in order to fully view the results of the tests and tests carried out.

perflogs folder in windows 7

Needless to say, if the user suddenlynotices some malfunctions in the system or, for example, a significant reduction in the speed of its operation or even the stability of the state, it begins to try to find out the reasons for the appearance of such a situation. Accordingly, various tests for the speed of work on the performance of system or user tasks begin. All test data is logged. However, a Windows folder named PerfLogs can contain and, so to speak, unreadable data, which unlike normal logs, represented as text files, can not be viewed by standard methods or with the help of any programs. There you will have to use a special built-in utility called a system monitor (not to be confused with a similar resource monitoring service in the Task Manager, which works in real time and monitors the load on system resources).

Viewing reports in the system monitor

So, to start we will use the standard button"Start". Right click the menu, which should first select the search system (the "Find" line), then enter the abbreviated name of the service - perfmon.

what is the perflogs folder for?

You can do much easier if you type the same command in the "Run" menu, called by the combination of keys Win + R.

The system monitor window appears in front of us.which you need to go to groups of data collectors. All of them are combined in different ways (performance counters, configuration information, event tracking information, diagnostics, etc.).

folder windows

At the same time, groups are initially used,presented in the form of a custom Windows template. Nevertheless, they can be redistributed or divided into those that the system itself offers, and those that the user can create. It goes without saying that here you can see all the results of inspections, tests or some kind of scanning. The general report file for all groups is saved no longer in PerfLogs, but in the sub-directory Diagnostics located in the System subfolder, in other words, by the path C: PerfLogsSystemDiagnostics. The file has an .html extension and can be easily opened in any Internet browser or even in Microsoft Word.

Perflogs folder in Windows 7 and above: can it be deleted without damage to the system?

Now a few words about the importance of the roleThis directory on Windows 7 and above. Yes, indeed, it contains reports that are generated during checks, and they are viewed in the system monitor. As mentioned above, the more tests, the more files are created in this directory. As you can see, obsolete data is not needed either by the system or by the user, therefore everything that is in the PerfLogs folder can be removed as unnecessary without critical consequences for the operation of the "operating system".

files and folders windows

But sometimes the question can also consist in removingthe directory itself. Without a doubt, you can remove it. Some may object, they say, but where will the data of the journal be recorded? The answer is simple: when rebooting, the system will automatically create a new directory with the same name and in the same place, so you can not worry about it.

However, deleting the contents of a folder in a manualmode, if it is not supposed and its removal, is not always justified. It is better to use the disk cleanup tool, where the tick just needs to highlight the log files, although the use of this method is not mandatory.


Here, in general, and everything that concerns the folderPerfLogs and issues related to what it is used for, what function it performs in the system, and whether it is possible to get rid of it. The only thing that you should pay attention to is that after removing it, the information for viewing in the system monitor will become inaccessible. If you have to find out the causes of the problems that arise, at the initial stage of solving problems with the performance and speed of Windows, it is better not to touch the directory. You can start deleting data after a solution is found to eliminate the failures.

perflogs what kind of folder

What is the way to get rid of thisdirectory, each user decides on their own. However, if you approach this question objectively, then there is nothing wrong with the fact that the folder will be completely and completely removed in manual mode, and not by cleaning the system disk or partition. Anyway, this will not affect the system in any way, and when you reboot, a similar directory will be created automatically.

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