So, today we will talk with you why the games are notrun on Windows 7. In addition, let's explore the options for solving this problem. As a rule, you can correct the situation in just a few minutes. Or hours. The main thing is that users are often able to understand and eliminate the reasons for this behavior of the OS.

No compatibility

Let's start with you to understand why games are notrun on Windows 7. Let's start, perhaps, with the most common problem. It applies to all holders of the "seven". Very often, users experience a startup issue in the absence of so-called game compatibility.

why games do not start on windows 7
The thing is that the old applications havea little tuning for modern and powerful machines. So, if games are not run, the mistake is that we try to play too old-fashioned toys. This does not mean that from now on we are denied access to them. The situation can be easily changed.

To do this, click on the label of the toy on the rightmouse button, and then select "Properties." Now go to "Compatibility", and then set the desired mode. Typically, the settings set compatibility with Windows 98. Confirm the operation and see what happens. The problem has disappeared? Then you can safely play. No? Let's look at the possible reasons for such "whims."

Old "Direct"

Another reason why games do not start onWindows 7 is an old version of the so-called DirectX. This is a special program that contains a set of libraries that help to work with graphics and the operating system as a whole.

It is the old versions of "Direct" that can causehuge problems with installation and application failures. Fortunately, the situation is corrected very easily and simply. Especially when the user decides to install himself some new toy.

games do not start what to do

It's about a banal update DirectX. You can find the latest version on the World Wide Web. After downloading and installing, you will no longer think about why games do not start on Windows 7. In addition, when you initialize a new game, the installer will prompt you for an automatic update of Direct. Do not give up, if you have not worked with this content for a long time - this will reduce the risk of problems with the application to a minimum. So after all the actions will only need to reboot the computer. Without this, there are no guarantees for the normal operation of the system with applications. Do you still do not start the games? What to do? Let's try to understand this complicated matter.


Here is another rather popular reasonthe emergence of a variety of glitches and problems in the operating system - this is the presence of the so-called "pirate". That is, you did not buy Windows, but downloaded and "hacked" it.

In this situation, you should not be surprised that games do not start. What to do? The answer is simple - change the operating system to a licensed one. Typically, this usually fixes the situation.

Nevertheless, not all users to tastelike stroke. If you do not want to buy a license, you can just download a different version of Windows, and then reinstall the system. And completely. Rewrite all the important data, and then get down to business. A few hours of work - and you can try to play.

As good as the situation would not develop, butit's not always so simple. Sometimes glitches appear even on licensed operating systems. With all this, users have the latest versions of the necessary plug-ins and applications. What else could it be? Let's try to figure it out.

do not run the game error

Problem with the game

Well, many users, as a rule, not particularlylove to buy toys. Instead, they prefer to download them, patch, hack and so on. Here's to you one more reason why games refuse to run.

Unfortunately, it is not quicklyit will turn out. You will either need to buy a licensed game in the store, or watch a specialized forum on the game, where possible "bugs" and options for correcting the situation will be written. You can, of course, download a toy from another site, but, most likely, the effect of this will not be.

Abstain from hacking games on your computer. With licensed versions of the problem almost do not arise. In a pinch, everything is limited to updating the "Direct" and then restarting the computer. But there is another interesting "little thing" that interferes with the work of applications.

The problem with the "iron"

If you notice that you, for example, do not havethe game "Tanks", or any other online toy, it makes sense to check whether your PC meets the minimum requirements. In cases where at least some component does not fit the parameters, the probability of failure is obvious.

does not start the game tanks

The situation is relatively straightforward -replacement of inappropriate "iron". Then after installing the drivers you will all work as expected. As you can see, we considered the most common reasons for the occurrence of errors and failures.

In addition to the listed options, glitches can beare caused by viruses. In this case, you will have to scan the system, treat it, then clean the registry and reboot the "machine." After the antivirus is running, the games will start again.

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