Many users have repeatedlyfiles with the extension NEF. Sometimes they appear in a prominent place, but when you try to open them, the operating system displays an error message. In this regard, many are wondering about what to open NEF, and also what these files represent in general.

than to open nef

First of all, it is necessary to remember that thisThe format indicates that you have a Nikon RAW image file, which is an image. Many users try to act as simple as possible, they try to open the NEF file by double clicking on the icon in the hope that it will open by default one of the programs installed on the computer. However, such attempts are not always successful, because the computer software may simply not be available.

expansion nef

Files that have the NEF extension can be openedMost graphics tools - Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView, GIMP, etc. By opening this file in one of these programs, you can overwrite it in a different, more convenient format for you. This is done quite simply - select "Save as ..." in the menu of the program used, then save your NEF file with other characteristics.

In addition, when choosing what to open the NEF, you shouldTo take into account also such circumstance that many files represent the text data, irrespective of, what their expansion. Therefore, it is always worth trying to use Notepad to open such a file, because it is able to correctly display the contents. Of course, this is not the best answer to the question of how to open the NEF, and this method does not always work, but it's worth trying.

nef file

In addition, it may be that when you tryOpen the NEF file The computer starts using the default program that is not suitable for this purpose. In this case, you need to make changes to the Windows settings and assign the default software that you constantly use to work with such files. Sometimes such settings are necessary when installing a new graphics program, if the files continue to open by default in other applications.

In addition, in search of an answer to the question of whatTo open NEF, various services-converters can help also. So, you can convert a file of this format to any convenient you, using special online services that will accomplish this task in a few minutes. In addition, if you work with files of this type all the time, but do not always have access to the Internet, you can download and install the appropriate software that can translate files from one format to another. Virtually any of them can convert NEF to JPG or BMP.

The last thing to remember: Do not need to rename the file, changing its extension to the one you prefer. With such actions, the file is not actually transferred to another format and is recognized by the computer as containing an error. In some cases, this may cause the image to stop opening at all, since the computer will not identify such data properly, therefore, it will display them as unknown.

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