Each organization needs frames. Of course, any manager dreams that the positions in the work team are held by qualified, executive and tidy workers. The selection of candidates for vacant positions is not an easy matter. From this event depends the performance of a certain sector of the company and the entire organization as a whole. The collective should work as a single mechanism. Each link - perform a clearly defined function and do not fail. Organize such a concerted work will help the ability to choose a suitable candidate for the vacant position.

Interview Preparation

A candidate is a competitor who wants to get a job. The extent to which it is suitable for a particular organization is capable of being solved by a human resources specialist or the head of the firm.

candidacy is
The decision can be made after an interview, which is a mandatory and very informative event in the selection of personnel.

The invitation for the interview is sent to allcandidates with the date, time and place designation. For each applicant, a questionnaire, requirements and job description should be prepared. The interview must be conducted in such a way that all the necessary information is obtained. A candidate is a prospective employee in the future, so you need to have a clear idea of ​​the level of his professionalism, work experience, personal qualities and other important aspects.


At the beginning of the interview, a company representativepresents the applicant with the main brief information about the organization, voices the requirements for the personnel, the specifics of the firm's work and the specifics of the job duties to be performed by the invited person. Then follows the questioning of the candidate on pre-prepared questions: what can he say about his previous work, why does he need to find a new place. Do not ask questions that duplicate personal data. A candidate is a person who is to be entrusted with a certain type of work, so the interview should give all necessary information about the reliability of the applicant, as far as he meets the requirements put forward.

Many employers prefer to reinforceoral interview with test tests. For example, an interpreter from a foreign language must have a certain speed, the cashier must be able to quickly count, the mechanic - well versed in technology. The candidate must pass this test in such a way that there is no doubt about the level of professionalism of this applicant.

Approval of candidacy

Later, when all the guests were interviewed, a comparative analysis of the results is made.

candidacy for the post

In this case, the following characteristics of the applicant are considered important:

  • general preparedness and qualification;
  • work experience;
  • skills and knowledge of a professional plan;
  • personal characteristics;
  • the general impression.

It is good to make an assessment in points, it givesto each applicant the indicator of the level of compliance with the requirements. Guided by these moments and comparing the indicators of each person, you can make a certain decision. So the candidacy for the post is approved. If the candidate does not accept the invitation to work, the choice should be made in favor of the candidate closest to him on the points scored during the interview.

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