Everyone knows that in order to find a goodwork, you need to create the right resume. In addition to general data about your personality, the resume should contain specific information that is directly related to the position you are planning to occupy, and it is advantageous to distinguish you from the total number of applicants. In the resume it is necessary to show the employer why you should occupy a vacant place.

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Where to begin?

There are no exceptions for any specialty andprofession, therefore, if you are planning to find a job in the kitchen in the restaurant business, you should start again with a resume. A sample of the cook's resume is determined for each individual, depending on what skills a person has in working with a particular area of ​​nutrition.

Mandatory terms for CV

Sample resume chef, like any other resume,contains a mandatory informative part: your name, age, contact details, the purpose of submitting a resume, employment at the current time, the willingness to start work. In addition, the resume should indicate what kind of education you received, when and where, as well as outlined work experience in reverse chronological order. From this point we consider in more detail.

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Advice of specialists

Experts advise to specify severalthe last jobs, and not the entire biography, if you have more than five jobs. But in drawing up a resume, pay attention to your experience relating directly to the work in the restaurant business, and to emphasize your responsibilities and practical skills that will help you in your desired position. If you review the resume sample of the cook, you will see that the functional duties of the bidders usually included preparation of preparations and preparation of meals according to a prearranged and coordinated menu, serving cooked dishes for filing, cleaning the kitchen. These are skills and experience sufficient to take up the vacancy of an ordinary cook.

If you are writing a resume (chef-cookie) andyou want to get a good job in this area, then it's superfluous to write about the skills of working with any kind of test, the experience of cooking various confectionery products, desserts, cakes. In additional information it is necessary to write about the existence of a creative approach, artistic taste and imagination, because the cook-confectioner is responsible not only for making confectionery, but also for their quality decoration and decoration.

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Summarizing for the position of the chef

If you compose a summary of the chef, thenconsider the nuance that the chefs of the restaurant have much more responsibilities and responsibilities than the usual chef. Therefore, experience and skills are key features to obtaining such a position. If you took a sample of the chef's resume, you should definitely indicate your organizational and managerial abilities. After all, under the jurisdiction of the chef can get not only the preparation of dishes, but also the development of their own menu, the introduction of new directions of the kitchen, the optimization of the kitchen staff, the process of purchasing products, quality control of cooked meals, and decision-making in critical situations.

The chef is not only more responsibleposition, he is practically the face of the restaurant, often it is the popularity of the chef that attracts a significant proportion of visitors. In any case, be sure to indicate that you have any certificates, awards for participation in competitions, diplomas. It is not out of place to indicate the knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the level of PC ownership, since it is the chef's job not only to work in the kitchen, and this knowledge and skills you will have to apply.

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