Residents of large cities regularly useservices of the underground and do not reflect on those who for 6-8.5 hours a day transport them underground. And this is done by a subway mechanic who, for his work shift, travels several times along the same route. All this time he can only talk to himself and entertain himself with songs and pictures visible from the workplace. Every machine operator is entrusted with the lives of thousands of people, and he is responsible for them. It is very difficult to sustain such a serious burden, and few people from this profession work in it for more than 10-15 years.

subway mechanic
Why does the subway mechanic suffer? The salary (2013, Moscow) of such a specialist averages 50,000 rubles a month. Not so much money for the work. Why do many seek to get this profession?

The main reason is that the work onthe subway seems to be something mysterious, romantic. After all, the metro is a strategic object, so there is very little information about it. And when people come to work, after learning about the schedule and working conditions, out of a hundred applicants there are only half, the same number is eliminated, and only one person is sent for training.

Still, how to get a job as a machinist in the subway? Work here can only be a man who served in the ranks of the Armed Forces, up to the age of 35 years. First and foremost, you have to undergo a comprehensive examination with a specialist psychologist. And according to his results, the candidate is sent to the medical commission. It checks the eyesight, heart, hearing, the presence of color blindness. Then the person passes a fluorography, an electrocardiogram, the surgeon, the therapist, the otolaryngologist and hands over a blood. In the event that the medical commission gives a positive conclusion, the applicant receives a referral for four months of training, during which he will be paid a scholarship.

how to get a job as a machinist in the subway
After a successful examination session, morenot the subway engineer, but his assistant. Somewhere in a month, they can send him to train under the guidance of an experienced specialist. And only after a lapse of two to three months, he can be admitted to the exam for the right to manage the composition. And in two or three months - to the test for the right to self-drive. It turns out that it takes about a year from the date of admission to study to independent management.

On this, all the difficulties did not end, you cansay, it was just flowers. Each shift begins with a medical examination, daily serious control over the state of health is conducted. After all, the metro engineer must work 6 hours a day, 36 - a week, but have to work for 8.5 hours per shift. And this is with constant noise, flashes of light and tension of attention. When there is a shortage of people, there are 11-12 working days in a row, without days off. The main thing that helps the driver to cope with all these and other difficulties is a sense of humor. Without it, it is impossible to work underground. After all, to all else, the subway is a favorite place for suicides, which, according to the instructions, must be extracted from the train by the driver.

The driver of the underground salary 2013 Moscow
What else is characterized by the profession of "metro driver"? There are the following ten points.

  1. The driver is allowed to smoke in the cockpit.
  2. After a night shift, employees spend the night in special apartments near the stations or in the rest rooms available in each depot.
  3. A woman can not count on such a position.
  4. The retirement age of the driver is 55 years.
  5. On open sections of lines, with snowfalls, they also have to stand in traffic jams.
  6. They often dine in their booths, on the go.
  7. After the words "Caution, the doors are closed" the driver has the right to close the door, without waiting for the end of the boarding-boarding of passengers.
  8. His work is regulated simultaneously by 55 instructions.
  9. Flashes of light on leaving the train from the tunnel to the station are a strong stress for the driver.
  10. At work, he must arrive prepared and well rested.

Every applicant for such a position must first think carefully about whether he will withstand all these hardships, so that he does not feel sorry for the lost time.

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