Perhaps you've heard that the resume shouldlist your achievements, not your job responsibilities. After all, this is the best way to demonstrate what you have achieved in past jobs, and also to show potential employers what you can do for them. But many forget to include the section "Professional achievements" in the resume. How to write it in such a way as to maximally interest the personnel officer and get the desired position? Read on to find out all the subtleties.

Communication and the Difference between Responsibilities and Achievements

A simple example. Your main duty is to organize and conduct events. Then your achievement can be: "Collected more than 200 thousand rubles. with 100 visitors during the charity evening. "

Why is it so important? The person reading your resume needs to know more about you. Personnel personnel already know what duties are assumed by a specific post. When you list the obvious facts, you just spend precious space on your resume, as well as the attention of the decision-maker. Each phrase about you should have a specific purpose, namely - to prove to the employer that you are the best candidate for the position.

professional achievements in the resume of a bank employee

Trade area

Today it is not so difficult to manufacture a product as itsto sell. Therefore, specialties related to trade are in great demand, and offer job seekers the prospects for high earnings and career growth. What professional achievements in the resume of the seller will help you to get the desired position?

An important rule

Can not confirm - do not write. Recruiters often complain that the applicants for the position of the seller are very much inculcated in their resume. If you are asked to prove your brilliant success, you should be able to receive a letter of recommendation or other document from a former employer who will confirm your words.

professional achievements in the resume summary

The main achievement of any seller

This increase in sales and attract new customers. Therefore, professional achievements in the resume of a sales manager or a salesperson can look like this:

  • "I increased the company's sales by 10% in 2014, while the increase in the company's market share increased by 25-30%."
  • "I participated in the development of a new sales system that was implemented throughout the organization, which led to an increase in sales by 30%."

It is important to show that management values ​​you and trusts you. This should also be mentioned in the section "Professional achievements" in the summary, for example:

  • "He was appointed national manager to train employees in other regions and help them to achieve the necessary quarterly indicators."
  • "Supervised a team of sellers and marketers atconducting a promotion, which led to an increase in sales of 200 thousand rubles, and thanks to which the company exceeded its annual sales levels by 25%. " So you will show your leadership qualities and ability to work in a team.
  • "Increased the customer base on its site by 30% or 275 thousand rubles. in year".
  • "Two years in a row became the" Seller of the Year "inthe company, exceeding all quarterly sales plans by an average of 25% within twenty-four months. " If you worked in well-known corporations or network companies, this can be a weighty argument in favor of your competence.
  • "I trained 5 new employees who achieved an average of 120% of their sales plan during the first three months of operation."
    Professional achievements in the resume of the secretary

Professional achievements in the resume of the secretary

Unfortunately, in the CIS countries there is a stereotype about this profession. How to stand out from the crowd of incompetent candidates? Carefully work through the section "Professional achievements" in the resume of the secretary.

For example, you managed to coordinateclients and staff to the superiors. It can be formulated as follows: "It maintained good relations between the authorities and more than 100 major customers for 3 years". Your skills and the fact that you regularly work on improving them - this is what the professional achievements listed in your resume should prove. Examples:

  • "I developed and implemented a new reception schedule for my superiors, which allowed me to avoid prolonged waiting while keeping the same number of visitors."
  • "I received a Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 certificate to update my previous Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 certificate."
  • "I took part in the development, implementation and finalization of new software for the company."
  • "I trained new employees and supervised their work."

Figures and calculations

Economists and accountants do not take part in thethe main production activity of the enterprise, but their work is necessary to ensure the normal operation of any company. Not surprisingly, there are many representatives of these specialties in the labor market. How to write professional achievements in the resume of an economist to show oneself the best?

For a person who works with numbers, theiravailability in the resume is required. For example, if you were responsible for formalizing and signing contracts with suppliers, then be sure to indicate the amount of these contracts.

Here's how to write professional achievements in the resume, sample:

  • "I received encouragement from the leadership for the successful search for sources of savings in production, which saved 300 thousand rubles. for 2014, with the entry of a note of gratitude in the workbook. "
  • "Developed templates that allowed other employees of the economic department to automatically calculate the changes in labor costs and materials due to changes in output."
  • "Reduced the error of market forecasting from 10% to 5%."
    Professional achievements in resume examples

For young professionals

If you can not yet say that your activity has significantly affected the turnover of the enterprise, you can still find what to write in the section "Professional achievements" in the summary. Examples:

  • "I developed a presentation" Business Economicsfor non-economists "and presented it to the management and then to other employees in order to improve the team's understanding of the requirements of the accounting and analytical department."
  • "I analyzed the financial statements for the past 18 months, identified formatting errors and created a universal template for reporting."

Accuracy and accuracy

Professional achievements in the accountant's resume are also directly related to numbers, and timing and accuracy play an important role. So their list might look like this:

  • "She led several accounts of the company with a turnover of more than 5 million rubles. in the period from 2011 to 2014 with 100% accuracy. "
  • "Reduced the closing time of the reporting month from 8 to 5 days."
  • "Flawlessly kept a record of cash with a turnover of 500 thousand rubles. at the enterprise in the period from 2012 to 2014 ".
  • "Decreased the deadline for submission of annual tax returns from 45 days to 30".
    Professional achievements in the resume of the sales manager

For those who want to become an employee of a financial institution

Again, the professional achievements in the resumeThe bank employee is connected with figures and money. But in addition to this it is important for the competitor to show that he is able to work with people, has leadership qualities, but at the same time he is a team player. After all, a bank is a large company consisting of many branches throughout the country, and all its employees must work together.

So here's how you can describe your professional achievements in your resume. Example:

  • "For the first six months after employment, I sold 20% more financial services than was delivered in terms of sales, due to careful study of the needs of customers and working with regular customers."
  • "Provided an increase in the volume of mortgage lending to businesses, which led to an increase in the profit of the bank's branch by 2%"
  • "In 2014, the client base was increased by 10% with the help of telephone calls to potential customers, and encouraging the recommendation of the bank's services by existing customers."
  • "I taught a group of 5 new employees the rules of documenting the issuance of loans."
  • "I worked with 3 VIP clients of the bank, with a total turnover on their accounts in the amount of about 7 million rubles."
  • "I took a direct part in designing 5 new loan packages to attract more potential borrowers."

But it is not necessary to approach exclusively formallyfill in the section "Professional achievements" in the resume. Example: you can include the fact that "I organized a corporate picnic for 120 people with a trip to a suburban sanatorium." It would seem that this achievement has very little to do with your professionalism, but in fact it will demonstrate to the potential employer that you have excellent organizational skills, support corporate culture, and have excellent relations with the team, which is very valued in the banking sector.

Professional achievements in the CV how to write

The servants of Themis

The specialty of a lawyer always has a largepopularity. In order for the personnel officer to notice you among a bunch of other applicants, be responsible for completing the section "Professional achievements" in the resume of a lawyer. Avoid generalized phrases and give specific facts. Use the problem-action-result model.

How to apply it, when you describeprofessional achievements in the resume? Example: instead of the phrase: "I carried out a legal investigation and compiled a statement from the plaintiff for a court decision" describe the situation like this: "I filed a suit in the case concerning the receipt of an industrial injury by the plaintiff, which caused damage to health, estimated at more than 100 thousand rubles . The court satisfied the demands of the victim. " The second formulation more fully reveals your role in the case and shows your competence.

professional achievements in the resume of economist

If you do not have high-profile victories in court, and youwork as a full-time lawyer at the enterprise, then concentrate on the benefits that the company has received from your actions: contracts for large amounts, issued according to legislation and with the greatest benefit for your enterprise; successful solution of disputable situations with suppliers, etc.

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