Probably strolling through the territory not far fromyour own home, you can often notice people with a set of some papers and glue, stealthily strolling near the buildings. As a rule, if it's not just people who like to walk around with paper and glue, such people are advertisers. Despite the development of progress and the increasingly active integration of the Internet into human existence, this profession is still in demand.

It is very popular to advertise inKrasnoyarsk and other large cities, and in the territory of small towns it is generally a fairly common way of communication. This method of advertising is really effective, in connection with this fact, the stickers are required to this day.

As a rule, the work of the distributors iscovering ads with a certain space. For this, in each company there is a division into certain territories that are offered to employees. The order and form of work, as well as the methods of verification, can vary.

Baskers can receive an hourly fee orpayment for sticking a certain number of ads (for example, one advertisement - two rubles), or for covering a certain space (for example, all the poles and parade in a certain part of the city). As promotional products, you can use self-adhesive labels that need only be applied to flat surfaces or placed on specialized stands, and simple paper ads for which you want to use glue can be used, but you do not need to choose an even surface. To check the work of advertisers, managers in the office who can bring work photos, that is, pasted ads, in another option, are monitored by mobile managers who, after completing the work of the distributors, pass through the designated territory and check the quality of work.

In general, this work has unique aspects, like any other, including positive and negative ones.

In terms of ambitions and achievements, the profession, of course,unlikely, although you can, with the help of diligence, attain some sort of main distributor, then get the stickers in submission and so on, but it depends on the firm. In terms of usefulness, the work is useful only to the company's products, which are advertised, in other respects, this increase in the amount of pollution of the planet and waste of paper. Concerning comfort there are significant advantages, as a rule, it is a free schedule, an opportunity to work near home and pleasant walks in the fresh air.