Well-designed, informative, interestingresume can be a guarantee of successful employment in a prestigious company. Among the components of the relevant document, which many HR specialists consider key are information on achievements. How can they be correctly reflected in the resume? What kind of facts should be included in the document?

Priority of facts

Experts recommend: describe the achievements in the summary should be supported by the information presented in figures and facts. It will be more convincing than any beautiful words. The main thing is to correctly correlate the indicators with the posts that the candidate was at that moment, not to confuse anything. Because, for example, it looks strange enough to look like a record of the kind: "The client support specialist increased sales of the department by 20% per year."

Achievements in Resume

Do not hesitate artificially to increasethe number of exploits, reflecting personal achievements in the resume. That is, for example, you can classify those same sales in 20% (if you really specialist for them!) For certain groups of goods. How? As an option - "increased sales of the department in the stationery segment by 30%," in the other line - "increased turnover in software implementation by 10%." The average arithmetic will remain the same, but in fact the achievements are greater.

The principle of non-disclosure

At the same time, reflecting the achievements in the CV withUsing figures and facts, you need to know the extent. The fact is that almost any company has a trade secret. Meanwhile, it can be contained in the very figures and facts that a candidate wishes to include in his resume. Perhaps, for a former employer, the leakage of such and such data will not become critical. But the managers of the firm, where people are going to get a job, may not like the fact that the candidate easily takes secret information outside the company-employer. Especially attentive experts advise to be the one who works in retail. Advances in the resume of the seller-consultant, of course, require numbers (as in no other documents of this type). But in very many cases they will be a trade secret.

Instead of numbers, reliability

What if, due to the specifics of theposts lead specific figures and facts the candidate can not? It is quite difficult, for example, to reflect this kind of accountant's achievements in the resume. Or, for example, an office manager. They do not sell anything, but perform functional work. How should they be?

Achievements in the resume of the seller-consultant

In this case, experts recommendemphasize the clear implementation of functional operations. That is, list job duties with comments of the form "performed without errors." And if there were any flaws, then maybe it's even good. If they managed to be corrected, then the fact of having errors can be turned into an achievement. It is enough just to inscribe in a single line with information about the defect a short explanation: "I solved this and that problem".

Template for nothing

Achievements in the resume are an important aspect. But no less significant factor is the form of presenting information. It often happens that the achievements are abundant, but the HR manager for some reason ignores them. The resume should be done in such a way that the person reading it has a desire, at least, to get acquainted with the facts contained in it, and not just look at it with one glance. How to do it?

Experts recommend, as an option, to focuson the reflection of the uniqueness of the previous experience. To see when looking at the CVs of candidates with the same track record, the manager saw that this person really extracted something useful in his last work. And because it is likely that he will do the same in a new company. How to do it in practice?

Very simple. Enumerating previous jobs and positions (with achievements), give small accompanying comments. Such as, for example, "mastered the art of cold sales." Or, say, "I learned the 1C program." The employer always wants to see effective specialists in its ranks. One of the criteria for this is the desire to learn, to master new tools in the work. However, this quality should be reflected in the summary.

Personal achievements in the resume

However, HR specialists do not strongly recommendexperiment with the appearance of the resume. It happens that the candidates state information about themselves in the form of pictures, and sometimes even verses. Of course, this kind of resume may be in demand if a person claims to find a job in the company for an appropriate creative position. Of course, this format of presenting information will be a positive factor for the candidate. However, this is rather an exception. The HR manager, as a rule, is conservative because of his profession. In his attitudes invariably the rule - if the candidate is worthy of the desired post, he will find a way to present facts about himself in the framework of a standard, but at the same time informative scheme.

Achievements in the structure of the resume

How to reflect the achievements in the CV withpoint of view of the structure of this document? Experts recommend not delaying the factualization with the algorithm of information presentation. Personal achievements in the resume should go immediately after the information on duties in previous places of work. Concerning the content of the corresponding section, as we have already said, specifics, figures, facts. No general phrases of the kind "received invaluable experience, solving entrusted tasks".

What could be the approximate scenario in whichoutlines achievements in the resume? A sales consultant for example? Facts can be reflected in this way. First we write: "Work at an enterprise such and such, in years such and such." The line below: "Developed an algorithm for communicating with customers, which increased sales of smartphones by 20%." Even lower: "I sold more than 300 iOS devices in 4 months, while the average for the department is 100 devices."

Accountant's achievements in the resume

If the task is to reflect the achievements of the accountantin the summary, then the algorithm can be this way. First - the place of work, position, terms. The line below: "Provided error-free reporting." Even lower: "I transferred the accounting completely to the electronic format with the use of EDS." But what about the solution of problems? And this, too, reflects: "We made adjustments to the mechanism of interaction with the Federal Tax Service, which made it possible to avoid errors in the recognition of file formats."

Types of achievements

What else can be examples of achievements in the resume? There are a lot of options. May be reflected both exclusively professional achievements in the resume, and, for example, those that are relevant to the development strategy of the business of the employer. In this case, the achievements of the first type may well predetermine the latter. In the first case, you can write: "I mastered three such programming languages." In the second: "I created an IT product that allowed the company to enter the international market."

When the achievements are yet to come

Of course, it is possible that examplesachievements in the resume lead to problems because of a small work experience or because of the fact that there is nothing particularly to boast about. In this case, experts recommend at least to reflect in the document a sincere desire for figures, which should be spoken out loud. For example, if it is a question of describing the achievements in the resume of a retailer, it is perfectly permissible to comment on the previous work experience: "I regularly practiced sales using the SPIN technique of Neil Rekhem." In itself, the desire to master an effective methodology can be, for the future employer, almost a big plus than the successful results of its application. Therefore, if a person has not yet decided what can be reflected achievements in the resume, what to write as an alternative, we now know.

Reliability is the main criterion

Outlining facts, especially those relating to regalia,the candidate must write the truth. Even if there is a temptation to draw inflated figures, for example, on sales. Or on the pace of implementation of such and such solutions. Check those that reflect in their resume sales manager, the achievements of an experienced HR specialist will be able without any problems. And therefore, experts advise candidates: it is better to forget to enter some facts than to indicate unreliable.

Wrong language

Experts note an interesting fact. Many candidates are confused in the terminology, suggesting the correctness of the summary of information about achievements in the summary. What kind of cases are the most regular? Many HR specialists believe that this is either a conscious or involuntary substitution of the concept of "achievement" for others, which sounds like an "official duty".

Let's study some examples.

Many candidates write comments in the summary: "Qualitatively carried out work related to the timely sale of goods." Or, for example: "Stably performed tasks associated with compiling software." In fact, this is a reflection of the positions held. It is extremely important, therefore, to distinguish responsibilities, functions, achievements in the summary. Subjectivity in determining performance criteria is undesirable. It is necessary for the HR manager to share the candidate's vision that such and such a fact is an achievement, not a job description.

Examples of achievements in the resume

There are other interesting points of view concerningthis aspect. Some experts, for example, believe that one of the criteria for recognizing a person's achievements can be just the same as going beyond the limits of official duties. Of course, if in this case we are not talking about a direct violation of production instructions. A good example: if a person, working, for example, as an office manager, agitates colleagues to take advanced training courses and organizes a joint campaign after work. This may well please the new employer. And this fact may well reflect in your resume manager. Achievements of this nature can significantly affect the positive decision on the choice of this candidate by the employer company.

Achievements should be appropriate

An important aspect is the relevance and relevance of thosefacts, which the candidate submits in the relevant documents. It is also important to consider it in terms of how to correctly state the achievements in the resume. What should the candidate write to the HR manager to find the information relevant and relevant?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the timing. Very many skills have the property of forgetting with time. For example, if a person managed to master the 1C program, for example, 4 years ago, but in his resume did not reflect the fact that he used it until recently, the HR manager may not include the corresponding skill. Similarly, there are skills for the reliable development of which practice is necessary. That is, if a person, relatively speaking, has studied the 1C program in courses just a month before submitting a resume, then most likely he simply did not use it in a real production environment. And in this case the relevance of the skill is small. The manager also probably will not get it.

Achievements in the resume that write

Of course, information about achievements must bethe maximum is related to the prospective position for which the candidate applies. That is, the relevant section of the summary should be of a targeted nature. By the way, the ability of a candidate to place accents in the presentation of facts relevant to the work experience is a significant plus for the HR manager. Even if, perhaps, some information about achievements seems to the HR-specialist to be rather modest, the very fact that they are applied to the site is likely to play a positive role for the candidate. In turn, unquestionably high-quality results, but not on the profile of the vacancy, it is quite possible that they will force the HR manager to doubt the prospect of hiring a person who has reflected the relevant information in the resume.

Evidence of realism

Let's study one delicate nuance. Above we talked about the fact that it is unacceptable to point out the untruth in the resume. However, with the presentation of unreliable information, the tactics of reflecting in the relevant document the facts about achievements that may seem dubious to the personnel manager because of their surprising effectiveness are closely bounded. And this despite the fact that the candidate writes a pure truth. Yes, and the rest of the components - duties, functions, achievements - in the resume are built very competently. How can this be?

Here everything rests on the subjectivity of perceptionfacts. The fact is that a person, working, for example, as a sales manager, raised the dynamics of the realization of a certain commodity not by 20%, but by 320%. And if he specifies the second figure, it is possible that the HR specialist simply does not believe him. What if this type of achievement is true? Experts advise: to be modest in any case is not necessary. Facts of this kind can not be excluded from labor achievements. But they need to be accompanied by a primary evidence base - one that at least makes the HR manager not put aside a summary aside as containing clearly invented information.

Duties of the function of achievement in the summary

What options can there be? It is perfectly permissible, for example, to accompany the phrase, where the figures in 320% are reflected, with a comment of the form: "Due to the successful introduction of combined sales techniques with the help of the SPIN method and Steve Schiffman's strategies, it was possible to increase the company's turnover by 320%." It will be more plausible.

Another great option is to provide a summaryrecommendation. Ideally - from a former boss or a specialist in the industry, which will reflect the praise of the candidate just the same for the same 320%. Then any HR-specialist, even the most conservative views, will believe what is written in the resume. Recommendations, by the way, are an excellent addition to the corresponding document in all cases. So to stock up them will not hurt in any case.

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