Many may think that to become a designer -it's simple. All that is required is to have a good taste, to know the basic 7 colors and how they fit together, and to master a couple of simple programs. Nevertheless, the designer is a unique profession in terms of his requirements for the future specialist: one must possess not only an artistic taste and a rich imagination - humanitarian thinking, but also technical: to be able to make drawings, calculate designs and be able to imagine how the model will look in reality.

How to become a designer: the necessary qualities

Without these qualities, unfortunately, it will be very difficult to become successful in this profession:

  • creative, artistic and analytical skills;
  • the ability to convey ideas through images and layouts;
  • good eye and ability to distinguish between a large color spectrum;
  • observance, high attention to detail and responsibility.

How to become a designer and find areas for the realization of a profession

The designer can work in such areas of activity:

  • production organizations and design offices;
  • palaces of culture and theaters (decorator scenes, designer clothes);
  • arrangement of apartment houses and apartments;
  • educational institutions (teach the basics of skill).

How to become a designer and what a specialist should work on

When a diploma is obtained, the designer will have to solve a wide range of tasks while working:

  • create new designs of structures;
  • design rooms and develop layouts, where the future result is visible;
  • select materials for products;
  • monitor all stages of the process: from design to presentation of the finished work;
  • prepare technical documentation for products;
  • to hold consultations for individuals and representatives of enterprises and organizations.

How to become a designer: features that impede implementation

These features can impede career growth and hinder professional development:

  • lack of taste and imagination;
  • poorly developed space-shaped thinking;
  • inflexible thinking and inability to adapt to circumstances.

How to become an interior designer

If all of the above requirementscorrespond to the qualities of the designer, he can choose almost any direction. One of the most interesting and demanded today is interior design, in which the specialist takes into account the parameters of the room, its purpose, the number of people who will use it daily, and many other factors and, on this basis, develops its design.

First, you need to decide on the organizationwork: it is planned to work for a company that itself searches for clients, or independently engage in their search. In the beginning of a career, the first option is more convenient, and if the expert shows himself on the positive side, in time, next to him, there will be several regular customers who will not only make orders themselves but also recommend to their acquaintances. Having reached this stage, you can switch to an independent job search without an intermediary firm.

Also very important is the portfolio that will be formedgradually, as you work. If the designer is good at creating in one style or only some rooms, then his specialization is better to narrow down, but in small towns it can be less profitable.

How to become a designer of clothes

This is a fairly rare profession, due to the fact thatin the labor market it is not very demanded. Not many designers of clothes manage to achieve professional heights, since this craft needs a special talent: it is necessary to be able to anticipate and calculate future trends, to predict what models and colors will be relevant.

In addition, the income of the designer-designer depends onhow great its popularity is, and for "promotion" of its name, it is necessary to invest some money and have good acquaintances among the bohemians, which will buy new things.

Surely for these reasons designers of clothes are not very many, but if there really is a talent, a sense of proportion and good taste, it will certainly bring success.

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