About life and work in the capital of Francedreams a lot of our compatriots. This country has a patient and friendly attitude towards foreign citizens. Providing socio-economic and legal guarantees, a decent level of wages - all this contributes to an increase in the influx to France of foreigners who dream of changing their place of residence and finding a job. But in order to realize their dream, according to the emigrants themselves, in most cases they have to overcome many difficulties. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to find a job in Paris.

Migration Traditions

France and Russia were constantly in closeintertwining. Our compatriots for a long time emigrated to this country in search of a better life. Representatives of the Russian aristocratic society began to move to a permanent place of residence in France in the 19th century. This country has always been popular with Russians.

When the revolution of 1917 broke out, a largethe number of people who did not accept the foundations of Soviet power, began to seek refuge in the territory of this country. Russian immigrants expected a lot of hardships ahead, they did not shun any work, but France became the country of their permanent residence.

Approximately 60 thousand Russians settled onFrench land after the end of World War II. In the seventies of the last century, dissidents and Jews living in Russia began to move massively to France. And in the nineties, "new Russians" were drawn into this country, which was attracted to the prospect of living on a broad footing.

And now the work in Paris for Russians who are striving to radically change their lives attracts them with tempting prospects.

Work in Paris

Determinants and rules

The main factors that determine the scope of activity and the amount of earnings of immigrants from Russia include:

  • Knowledge of the language of the state; even the base level will increase the chance of getting a good job.
  • Knowledge of English, especially if the type of activity in Paris is connected with the tourist business.
  • When applying for a job that requires a certain qualification, it is necessary to have a diploma of higher education certified by a special stamp called "apostille".

People who emigrate to France from EU countries,can without any obstacles to legally find a job. But the work in Paris for immigrants from other countries can be accessed only if certain rules are observed:

  • To legally stay on French territory, you must issue a work visa.
  • It is necessary to have a temporary (for 18 months)or a long-term (for 10 years) work permit. It is obtained with the help of an employer who, in order to issue this document, applies to a special Department for employment.

Work in Paris for the Russians

Work in Paris: Species

The indisputable fact that one of the main factors,The level of knowledge of the French language is influenced by the final result of a job search in Paris. The ability to express themselves in the language of the state opens the prospect of finding a well-paid job before the candidates.

The most popular in the Paris labor market are activities in certain areas:

  • Tourism.
  • Consulting and audit.
  • Service sector.
  • Information technology, computer technology.
  • Entrepreneurial activity.

Language proficiency opens for Russian people also vacancies for guides, assistants for Russian businessmen or famous compatriots, translators.

Work France Paris

Temporary job

If the Russians who came to Paris to search for a better life do not speak French, then in most cases they find jobs for low-paid temporary work.

It is most often represented by the following variants of professions:

  • Security guard.
  • Vintner.
  • Waiter.
  • Nanny.
  • Nurse.
  • Laborer.

Russians who are forced to work in temporary work have the opportunity to learn the spoken state language, to settle in a new place and to acquire new acquaintances.

Work in Paris for the fair sex

Paris is rightfully considered the capital of world fashion,which can provide opportunities for the beginning of a modeling career. Models in this city were first figured by immigrants from Russia. Typical for Russian beauties type of face (blue eyes, clearly defined cheekbones, light skin tone) is very popular in the capital of fashion.

Working in Paris attracts many girls fromRussia, dreaming to conquer the model Olympus. With a successful combination of circumstances, beauties receive favorable contracts, acquire invaluable experience. Natalia Vodyanova is one of the most popular Russian models that decorate with their photos the covers of fashionable French magazines.

Work in Paris features

Girls from Russia often getunskilled work in catering establishments, household helpers. Possession of French language sometimes helps them get a job as governess or nanny in wealthy families.

Jobs for Men

Male representatives who possess workersspecialties, have the opportunity to settle in Paris plumbers, painters, electricians, workers on the objects under construction. It's much harder for them to get a barman, a cook or a driver's place.

Wages in areas for which work does not require high qualification, entirely depends on the employer and the vacancy it provides.

Some men of the age category from 17 to40 years go to serve in the Foreign Legion. The testimonies of eyewitnesses testify that they signed a contract for a period of five years without fail, stating that the new-born legionaries are obliged to protect the interests of France in any conditions. After three years of impeccable service, the representatives of the stronger sex have the opportunity to become citizens of France.

Men who do not know French at all, in most cases work as guards, grape harvesters.

Find a job in Paris


What features of work in Paris need to know? The main distinguishing feature of the French labor market is that an employee who has expressed a desire to stop working in a company must find a replacement. In order to do this, he must submit an ad in a special edition or post it on the Internet.

Work in Paris kinds

Highly paid work in Paris can be submitted only to those people who have a permanent residence permit.

Each emigrant who moved to France in search ofwork, goes its own individual way. Often he has to overcome all the steps of the career ladder, start working with low-paid temporary work. But in any case, work in Paris (France) is a dream for many, but it is achieved only by strong and purposeful.

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