Today in major cities at rush hour near the metroyou can watch several people who are trying to distribute leaflets with this or that information. Often they have data from a company that is nearby and wants to call customers to themselves, using such a simple way. It must be said that advertising specialists consider this means of promotion to be quite powerful and in demand. Otherwise, during the war in the Persian Gulf, the Americans would not have thrown the Iraqi positions with leaflets with the corresponding information in the amount of 29,000,000 pieces from a special aircraft, or they would not be used for election campaigns of any level. Therefore, if you want to know how the work is called to distribute leaflets in peacetime, then we inform that this activity is proudly called "promoter". You can also find such a name as "flyer", and the process itself is sometimes referred to as "lyfletting."

distribute flyers

Handing out leaflets is not an easy task, althoughbecause some of the promotions are held on the street, where you can freeze, get wet or burn in the sun, depending on the season. Professional advertising agencies usually supply their promoters with corporate clothes, which, like a well-groomed appearance, a smile, competent speech, contribute to the creation of a positive image. About the umbrella, warm shoes and other attributes for working in the fresh air you need to take care of yourself.

Large companies select employees for themselvesage, appearance, education and often invite them to work on different projects for decent money. For them, master classes are conducted, teaching lessons, which makes it possible to distribute leaflets as effectively as possible, since such an employee can not only stick a piece of paper into the hand of a passer-by, but also answer questions about the products being presented.

what is the job of handing out flyers
If you are hired by an unprofessional agency, andsuch attributes are absent, then try to match them as much as possible. For successful work you need to know how to distribute flyers. You just need to look neat, behave in a friendly, cultured way, learn at least a little about the product that you will advertise. Perhaps, with this approach to working and attracting an appropriate number of clients, you can move up the career ladder and get a recommendation to larger firms.
how to distribute leaflets

For those companies that practice this type ofadvertising, you need to remember that handing out flyers is to form an opinion about your company. Here it is worth paying attention to the selection of information (it must be truthful and understandable), the quality of the paper medium and, of course, those who will represent the firm on the street or within the walls of the shopping center. Experts note the need to create a trusting atmosphere when communicating promoters with people, as this causes positive emotions. Also, companies need to pay attention to the availability of permits and compliance with certain subtleties of legislation. In order not to damage your reputation, it's better to turn to professionals, that is, to advertising agencies.

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