Academician. This word is familiar to everyone, but not everyone will be able to give an accurate definition. This article will tell you who is an academician and how to become one.

Academician - who is this?

The meaning of the word "academician" is defined in different ways:

  • Academician is a member of the academy;
  • Academician - the title of a member of the Academy of Sciences;
  • Academician is the highest academic degree.

That is, an academician is a person who has a degree and is a member of the academy.

Academician is

The Academy is a scientific organization, institution or community. Can be public or private. The more prestigious the Academy, the higher the authority of the academician and the more respect for him.

The title in the state academy is awardedlife-long and documented. In a private academy, the title is also documented, but the academician can withdraw it if he does not make a regular contribution for membership.

Membership in state academies of the Russian Federation

Currently in the territory of Russiafour state academies: RAS, RAH, RAO, RAASN. Become their member can only be for great services, for a major contribution to science. Places in state academies are not bought, unlike commercial academies.

Therefore, an academician who has become a member of one or the otherseveral scientific organizations, becomes very respected. He receives a lot of privileges, including financial ones. The increment to the monthly salary is calculated in accordance with the academic degree.

Academician who is this

Membership in a private academy

Non-state academies are privatecommercial establishments. To enter such an institution is simple enough, it is necessary to deposit a large sum of money in the Academy budget. Such institutions have absolutely no role in scientific activity and are considered pseudoscientific. They are created primarily for the sale of the academic title.

The purchase of the title is quite popular, because inXXI century is very fashionable to have different awards for achievements, not only scientific. In addition, the title of the academician flattered the vanity of many people, who are pleased to introduce themselves as academicians.

But membership in commercial academies does notpseudo-academicians by authoritative figures in the scientific community. And many scientists consider this to be nothing more than charlatanry, discrediting the activities of state academies.

In addition, such academics are beginning to apply for state benefits, which are not eligible, since the title of academician was bought, and not earned.

That is why, under the law of the Russian Federation,non-state academies were prohibited from conferring the title "Academician". The right to reward scientists with the title of academician belongs only to state academies. Nonetheless, private academies continue to appoint academicians who received membership in their scientific community in a dishonest way.

How to become an academician

There are two ways to become an academician: buy a title or earn honest and diligent work.

The first option is very simple. It is enough to find on the Internet your favorite academy, its official website. On it you need to fill out a questionnaire, wait for confirmation and bank details, for which a certain amount of money is transferred, the amount of which is set by the academy. After that, it remains to wait until the diploma confirming the status of the academician comes.

The second option is a long work of many years. To get the highest scientific degree, scientists have to work from year to year, proving to the state academy that they are worthy of the title of academician.

To begin with it is necessary to enter the higher educationalan institution for education. When choosing a faculty it is important to focus on the fundamental sciences, for example, mathematics, physics, biology, anthropology, psychology.

Meaning of academician

The next step is postgraduate study. Only after its termination it is possible to become the candidate of sciences. This post will have to work more than one year to achieve the title of senior research officer.

Writing a dissertation is necessary to obtaina new degree, namely Doctor of Science. After receiving it, it becomes possible to apply for the post of rector of the institute, the head of the scientific department or laboratory. And at the same time there is permission to work as a teacher. Then in a few years it will be possible to receive the title of associate professor, and then the title of professor.

What is Academician

After professorial practice, he is a corresponding member. And only after that it becomes possible to get the title of academician.

Also, on the way to the passage of the entire career ladder, you must confirm your knowledge with scientific works and the publication of many books.

So, what is an academician? The title of an academician is not just a position, it is a reward for many years of work and tireless work. Only those who have worked tirelessly from year to year can be called academicians.

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